KFC "golden crab bucket" is the fish???

KFC's new seafood snacks - the "golden crab bucket," questioned recently by some friends with fish bones, the first time the company has made a reply: product is pure crab production. Yesterday, the KFC website is still advertising the video, but some stores in Beijing has been quietly discontinued this product, posters have been removed in the shop.
Yesterday evening, the reporter saw at KFC stores Xuanwumen, "crab bucket of gold" poster was torn down, there is no brand badge on the product information and price. Counter staff said: "crab bucket of gold, not sell out." When a reporter asked whether there are goods the next day, they were told this new product is no longer sold. Some Internet users speculate that the recent gold crab bucket negative evaluation by users, resulting in its being the shelves ahead of Kentucky. Kentucky officials did not respond to this.