Long-term abstinence, harm to human part 2

Impotence is a man of moderation inseparable friends
Of sexually mature men and women, sexual abstinence is unnatural. From a physiological point of view, people should keep all the organs necessary to carry out functional activities, or occurs in the body all the nervous, endocrine and biochemical processes will be destroyed, people's suffering throughout the body or an organ disease. All the organs in the human body and its functional activity, of course, also includes the function of sexual organs and sexual activities. In this sense, sexual abstinence is harmful to natural health.
Studies have shown that long-term control to men than women experience more intense pain. In the case of sexual abstinence, a man's sex drive will still frequent, even more frequently, and when the sexual tension in the body can not get through normal release of sexual life, sexual organs, especially the long run can cause chronic heart and blood prostate stasis, leading to the occurrence of prostatitis, such as abstinence, who has been suffering from prostatitis, the symptoms can be worse. Meanwhile, long-term decline in sexual abstinence but also to men, or even suffer from impotence, premature ejaculation embolism. Therefore, there is now a very popular word sentence: "sexual abstinence is the man impotence inseparable friends.
In addition, if the abstinence of men around the age of 25 have a strong constitution, due in 2 weeks after abstinence and abstinence can be brought about changes in sexual function recovered quickly, such as 30 to 35 year-old man interrupted sex life for months, is prone to premature ejaculation and also increase the likelihood of suffering from impotence; such as 40-year-old man is likely to result in long-term abstinence, impotence and other sexual dysfunction, and often need to seek medical help; and more than 50 years of age man long-term abstinence, and its features more difficult to restore the damage as usual.