Magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan (2) the true hazards of nuclear radiation cancer cases

In 1945, Japan
Subjected to bombing after two atomic bombs, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two cities thousands of lives are a serious threat of nuclear radiation. The end of 1945, only the city of Hiroshima from the 35 million population dropped by about 14 million, while the others survived after that more and more cancer.
USA 1953
U.S. military tests at Yucca flat 11 atomic bombs, the last one being detonated is equivalent of 32,000 tons (equivalent to 1 ton per ton of TNT equivalent explosive power of explosives) of the "Dirty Harry" bomb. One year later, the Hollywood movie "Conqueror" ground crew selected from the Yucca nuclear test site on the Snow Canyon is only 137 miles of outdoor shooting. Result, the film crew of 220 members, nearly half of the inhaled radioactive dust, infected with the deadly cancer.
Ukraine 1986
Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded, the occurrence of serious nuclear leakage. It is reported that 21 people died on the spot was initially estimated by nuclear radiation, less than 50 cleaners. Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion in fact be called "the most serious nuclear accident", according to 2006 data released by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, as this case from the nuclear explosion, National 4800 million people in Uganda, a total included 47.34 million, including 2.5 million children, victims of nuclear radiation is still under medical supervision. The deplorable that the local new-born child from the moment of life since the formation with congenital diseases. Among them, abnormalities, cancer, sepsis has become the slaughter of these innocent children, the main killers.

Magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan(1) Easily lead to nuclear radiation types of cancer?

Backgrounder: METI nuclear safety and security of homes 14 announced, Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 in the first 11:01 local time, hydrogen explosion occurred, the reactor where the building was damaged, but placing the reactor vessel was not damaged. Currently, the Japan Atomic Safety and Security Institute called the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima within a 20 km radius around the 600 residents of the house quickly to the refuge.

As has happened in human history, the atomic bomb, nuclear power plant leaks and other serious accidents, it is more and more insight into the vast and cold nuclear radiation lethality. How terrible nuclear radiation in the end? Nuclear leakage, explosion, nuclear radiation on the environment, human health will bring a long time, an immeasurable impact, and because of cancer caused by nuclear radiation is the most significant of a performance.
Carcinogenic radiation path -
Nuclear radiation are α, β, γ are three forms of radiation. α radiation can be blocked as long as a piece of paper, but a large inhalation hazard; β radiation burns after skin is exposed to significant; γ radiation and X-ray similar to the human body and can penetrate buildings, hazard distance.
How does nuclear radiation damage the human body from? Human body there are a lot of various molecules, nuclear radiation on the human body is first expressed in the destruction of these molecules, causing molecular properties change. However, the damage does not necessarily mean "cancer."
Only when the molecules can not repair damaged cells remained alive and the case of eventual uncontrolled cell replication, and finally grow into cancer cells, are considered because the occurrence of nuclear radiation causes cancer. However, it is undeniable that for a long time to accept a higher intensity of radiation will increase the possibility of human cancer.
Hot friends: Japan nuclear leak would cause a new round of cancer highlight?
Easily lead to nuclear radiation types of cancer?
According to the information retrieval found that the current radiation foreign pathogenic events occurring in patients with multiple manifestations of fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, skin redness, ulcers, bleeding, hair loss, leukemia, vomiting and diarrhea. Serious nuclear radiation will increase the cancer, distortion, the incidence of hereditary disease. In general, the body more energy radiation received, the more serious symptoms of radiation sickness, carcinogenic, teratogenic risk is also greater. Among them, those most vulnerable to nuclear radiation leukemia, lymphoma, skin cancer, thyroid cancer and other cancers.
Leukemia: high frequency radiation may be due to microwave radiation causes cells to change the DNA sequence or mutations, in particular the dramatic increase in white blood cells may lead to sudden imbalance of the immune system. After the atomic bombings in Japan, a sharp rise in leukemia patients that are powerful burst of nuclear radiation effects on human cells.
Lymphoma: Radioactive substances that can cause chromosome changes in lymphocytes a long period of radioactive material if the chronic injury state, cell survival is still difficult to repair themselves, the increased chance of cancer cells.
Skin cancer: in the nuclear radiation environment for people, human contact with the outside skin is the most widely used place. The face of volatile substances or diffuse radiation material, the skin will bear the brunt of exposure to risk. In addition, the yellow and white compared to white skin are more susceptible to radiation damage.
Thyroid cancer: If a large number of radioactive material released into the atmosphere, easy to mess with hair thyroid cancer, because these radioactive materials represent a large share of radioactive iodine, and iodine in human thyroid is the main gathering place, when the body is eating or inhalation of radioactive iodine, accumulation in the thyroid dose of radioactive iodine can damage the thyroid gland or surrounding tissue, a dose may induce thyroid cancer.


Long-term abstinence, harm to human part 2

Impotence is a man of moderation inseparable friends
Of sexually mature men and women, sexual abstinence is unnatural. From a physiological point of view, people should keep all the organs necessary to carry out functional activities, or occurs in the body all the nervous, endocrine and biochemical processes will be destroyed, people's suffering throughout the body or an organ disease. All the organs in the human body and its functional activity, of course, also includes the function of sexual organs and sexual activities. In this sense, sexual abstinence is harmful to natural health.
Studies have shown that long-term control to men than women experience more intense pain. In the case of sexual abstinence, a man's sex drive will still frequent, even more frequently, and when the sexual tension in the body can not get through normal release of sexual life, sexual organs, especially the long run can cause chronic heart and blood prostate stasis, leading to the occurrence of prostatitis, such as abstinence, who has been suffering from prostatitis, the symptoms can be worse. Meanwhile, long-term decline in sexual abstinence but also to men, or even suffer from impotence, premature ejaculation embolism. Therefore, there is now a very popular word sentence: "sexual abstinence is the man impotence inseparable friends.
In addition, if the abstinence of men around the age of 25 have a strong constitution, due in 2 weeks after abstinence and abstinence can be brought about changes in sexual function recovered quickly, such as 30 to 35 year-old man interrupted sex life for months, is prone to premature ejaculation and also increase the likelihood of suffering from impotence; such as 40-year-old man is likely to result in long-term abstinence, impotence and other sexual dysfunction, and often need to seek medical help; and more than 50 years of age man long-term abstinence, and its features more difficult to restore the damage as usual.

Long-term abstinence, harm to human part 1

For a long time, people not only lack of understanding of sexual abstinence, even in something traditional culture of sexual restraint as a magic weapon for self-cultivation. For example, in the Chinese traditional values, tend to believe that sex can be loss of semen, Killing debilitating and harmful to health, asking people to ascetic restraint in sexual matters, in order to prolong life. Point of view of modern medicine, this will be a basic human instinct, the important physiological functions and human health against each other's views, nature is not worth refuting.
In Europe there is a perception that all the genius of discovery and achievement are derived from the sublimation of sexual energy. In other words, sexual restraint can stimulate people's creativity, talent and Albert created. In Russia, some say the reason to give people the impression such as Gogol novel "Dead Souls", "Diary of a Madman" and the satirical comedy "imperial envoys" This immortal giant with literature and art, because he never married, has been living a miserable life of celibacy. And today's sexologists do not agree with this view that the reason why there are so many human inventions, scientific discoveries and literary giant was, in fact, is precisely because of love, because of providing people with a boundless spirit of power, The long-term control for both the men and women's health are very harmful.
So, how long will the people of the physical restraint which caused injuries?
Abstinence, physical and psychological harm to women should not be underestimated
For women, long-term control can cause pelvic blood stasis, more likely to develop attachment inflammation, ovarian gynecological inflammation go far. Women in the early abstinence may increase their sexual desire, and in their sexual abstinence after a few months completely disappeared, and the resumption of sexual life in the slow process of sexual arousal. Sexual intercourse, vaginal discharge due to a decrease in pain, but can cause Xinggaochaozhangai, it was subject to several months to recover their orgasm response ever. It is worth mentioning that the long-term abstinence can also lead to women's psychological and behavioral changes. Data that the lack of sex life, women often lose themselves in their often unrealistic because some frustrated. Women not only abstinence can occur sleep disorders, headaches and stomach cramps embolism, but also the emergence of various neurological disorders, some women living in the two-month vegetative nervous after they occur. Abstinence is often the woman wept in secret, sometimes for chores on the Dadongganhuo colleagues and neighbors could not understand. Even more interesting is that they sometimes paranoid thinking, if they live in western countries coincided with the presidential election, is likely to vote for the most radical parties and leaders.
There are some research data about the long-term abstinence, long-term effects on health, such as women without sexual life long rough skin, face minimalist, more aging. Single men aged 12 to shorten the average life expectancy, while women can reduce the age of 5. These women not only more susceptible to pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological diseases, and the incidence of breast cancer than women with regular live more than twice as high. Therefore, we must not underestimate the sexual abstinence physical and psychological damage caused to the woman.


KFC "golden crab bucket" is the fish???

KFC's new seafood snacks - the "golden crab bucket," questioned recently by some friends with fish bones, the first time the company has made a reply: product is pure crab production. Yesterday, the KFC website is still advertising the video, but some stores in Beijing has been quietly discontinued this product, posters have been removed in the shop.
Yesterday evening, the reporter saw at KFC stores Xuanwumen, "crab bucket of gold" poster was torn down, there is no brand badge on the product information and price. Counter staff said: "crab bucket of gold, not sell out." When a reporter asked whether there are goods the next day, they were told this new product is no longer sold. Some Internet users speculate that the recent gold crab bucket negative evaluation by users, resulting in its being the shelves ahead of Kentucky. Kentucky officials did not respond to this.

Six people drink milk, but detrimental to health

Lactose in milk with higher levels of this drink, but it must be under the action of acid in the digestive tract break down lactose to galactose and glucose before being absorbed by the body. If lactose acid deficiency, after the consumption of milk can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea.
1. Iron deficiency anemia
Food iron into ferrous need to transit in the digestive tract can be absorbed and used. If you drink milk, the body's iron to calcium and milk, salt, combined to form insoluble phosphate compounds, the absorption of iron, is not conducive to anemic patients back to health.
2. Reflux esophagitis patients
Studies confirmed that the milk containing fat will affect the lower esophageal sphincter contraction, thereby increasing the gastric or intestinal fluid reflux esophagitis increased symptoms.
3. Patients after abdominal surgery
Many such patients have intestinal gas, milk contains more fat and casein in the stomach and intestines do not digest, the fermentation can produce gas, so that increased flatulence, is not conducive to the recovery of bowel function.
4. Peptic ulcer patients
Although milk can relieve stomach ulcers side of stimulation, but because a lot can stimulate gastric acid secretion in the gastrointestinal mucosa, make the disease worse.
5. Lactobionate lack of patients
High lactose content in milk, but lactose in the digestive tract must be under the action of acid decomposition of galactose and glucose before being absorbed by the body. If lactose acid deficiency, after the consumption of milk can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea.
6. Cholecystitis and pancreatitis patients
Milk fat digestion requires the participation of bile and pancreatic lipase, drinking milk will increase the burden of the gallbladder and pancreas, and then worse.


Interestingly statistics of physical parts of women

To one hundred pairs of men and women through the survey statistics are derived from all of the numerical representation, whether you are interested, want to know about female sexual physiology, physiology, ecology, and sexual life? See below.
[1] of the labia minora (6Cm):
The average length of female labia minora, generally five to seven centimeters, as the standard length, but by birth, women will be slightly elongated.
[2] vaginal angle (15):
Woman lying down, the vagina and the bed level were in the downward angle, generally about fifteen degrees; but to bend or to sag, vary, but a great distance.
[3] hip (sixth place):
The temptation to men, the hip, of course not as the breast, and in the erogenous zone among the ranks sixth in the buttocks accidentally; and around the top five are the sex organs, breasts, lips, neck and navel.
[4] by the blood (100cc):
Each menstrual cramps, menstrual flow are very different, but generally average, about 100cc.
[5] vaginal wall (30 seconds):
When sexual stimulation, the vaginal wall began to secrete Aiye the time required for an average of 30 seconds. In other words, only deep kissing with her once, had enough to make her into the state to have sex.
[6] vaginal temperature (38.5C):
The temperature inside the vagina, on average Celsius from 37.3 to 37.8 degrees; but congestion in the excitement when the temperature inside the vagina, can be jumped to 38.5 degrees Celsius; congestion in the excitement when The temperature inside the vagina, can be jumped to 38.5 degrees Celsius; words "vaginal pressure" high "name of device", the blood circulation and lively, so that the temperature of the vagina is also high, then the other hand, high body temperature vaginal women, it resembles an "Name device."
[7] Bust (81.95Cm):
Before and after the twenty-year-old female, the average bust size of 81.9 cm (32 inches); but sixteen-year-old girl, has an average of 81.1 cm, distance is not, how women breast growth, largely in the ten about six years old has been finalized.
[8] grip strength (29.61kg):
Before and after the twenty-year-old female, average grip strength of 29.61 kg, 47.49 kg for males, in other words the height of the sex, female grip strength of beds, no small matter!
[9] orgasm (6 seconds):
Female orgasm, the kind of excellent shape and feeling, than men obtained during ejaculation pleasure, about a long one to two seconds or so.
[10] ovulation (400 ~ 500):
Until the women from the menarche to menopause (ie, lifetime), the total number of ovaries, for four hundred to five hundred.
[11] vaginismus (0.8 seconds):
When the orgasm, female vagina, uterus and anal sphincter, occurs too 0.8 seconds, a total of about seven to eight times the seizure, repetitive contractions produced pleasure.
[12] pubic hair (86 cm ^):
The average area of pubic hair, per individual is different, the higher figure, with an area up to 140 cm ^; while the lowest was recorded in 21 cm ^. This, the 1 cm ^ area of the growth of pubic hair, about fifteen; the length of the average of six to seven centimeters. Reverse triangular plane shape, including pubic hair, long rectangular, and oval-shaped; while some women are "no hair" and "Light Mount body." With age, pubic hair off is subject to hormonal influence.
[13] nipple (3 to 4 times):
Nipple about six to seven mm in diameter on average, about seven to eight mm; Ruopi get with men suck, because the nipple-rich soft elastic, can stretch three to four times inflation.

The hidden knowledge of women naked

Health at home and abroad and physiologist has found that not only make the body naked to sleep comfortably stretch, but also on health benefits.
Pain can be cured naked: naked on the efficacy of treatment of diseases, high tension, especially in terms of abdominal visceral tension in the nervous system easier to be eliminated, but also promote blood circulation, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, and low back pain, headaches and other diseases given a greater degree of improvement. Meanwhile, the naked people on the insomnia will have some soothing.
Naked to Beauty: isolation without clothes, exposed skin can absorb more nutrients, promote metabolism, enhance the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, sebum excretion and favorable regeneration of the skin has a transparent feeling.
Care naked private parts: female genital humid all year round, if there is adequate ventilation can reduce the likelihood of suffering from gynecological diseases. Sleep not only makes people feel warm and comfortable, with a common gynecological physiological menstrual pain, low back pain and has also been reduced, in the past due to cold hands and feet and could not sleep for women, to take naked manner after sleep soon.
Naked enjoy peace: no clothes tied, the body naturally relax, blood flow, cold hands and feet to improve the situation of some help to enter deep sleep.
Sleeping position does not lead to many diseases
Experts pointed out: wearing tight-fitting underwear to sleep harmful to health. Therefore, as a healthy lifestyle, you may wish to try sleeping in the nude.
But the naked should note two points:
First, children should not be in the collective life, or when the bed room were naked; the second is to go to bed before the vulva and anus should be cleaned, and bathe.
Always want to have healthy and beautiful modern city women, the Pro may wish to completely strip underwear before going to sleep, experience the "Sleeping Beauty" the transcendental experience.
Four naked alert Note
First, in the home is too small, shared or collective life when the family is inappropriate to use because the tension will lead to the opposite effect. Is better to have a relatively secretive, independent environment.
Second, the living environment to the air flow, suitable temperature, quiet and comfortable, so you can mentally relax, and build a good sleep premise.
Again, be sure to keep warm, adjust the room temperature and humidity, to avoid the cold and sweating.
Finally, to moderate soft and hard bed, a mattress should be clean, fluffy, regular cleaning and receive sun exposure.
Question: will hinder sleep, you exercise before going to bed
Needs to be emphasized are: the role of naked need for a correct understanding, it's just that we have adopted one of the ways the health of sleep, not everyone should be used. In addition, naked skin when exposed in the environment, dust mites, and insects can cause skin allergies and asthma from occurring, for a specific physical person should be especially careful.


Hepatitis patients should lie down for an hour after a meal

The importance of the liver to the body is self-evident, in our patients with liver diseases have a million or more, which, in part, acute hepatitis, acute hepatitis attack quickly, but big chance of cure, related to the treatment during the same time, also pay attention to rest and diet adjustment, can play a multiplier effect!
During acute hepatitis, should be "resting" the main
Currently no treatment for hepatitis case of potent drugs, proper rest is the most important therapeutic measures. This is because the bed rest can reduce the consumption of physical strength, but also can increase blood flow to the liver.
Experiments show that when the blood flow bed rest, produce more than 40% of the time standing. Bed rest, can repair needs to ensure that regeneration of nutrients. Rest, the better, the condition will improve faster, more thorough.
Lie down for an hour after a meal good for the liver
If the patient began to have symptoms of jaundice, until the jaundice, the symptoms improved significantly after the daily activities you can get up an hour or two, however, should patients do not feel fatigue limit. Later, as the condition gradually improved, when increasing activity, but also do not grasp the degree of fatigue.
When liver cells are damaged as much as possible so that more blood flow to the liver, liver cells more than the supply of oxygen and nutrients.
Therefore, one or two hours of bed rest after a meal is absolutely indispensable, which can increase the amount of blood flow to the liver, the liver is good repair.
Recovery should be "dynamic and static, step by step"
To the recovery period, the patient's activity can be increased, to "dynamic and static, step by step." Until the symptoms disappeared and liver function were normal, the patient can exercise a certain time each day was. But the activity to be small, such as a walk, playing tai chi and so on.
Then after a month or two so close observation, the condition has stabilized, the liver functions are normal, patients can resume their daily lives, but it should also avoid strenuous physical activity, persons engaged in mental work, we must be careful not to overwork, while Get enough sleep time.
In general, hepatitis A cure for more than six months can participate in violent activities.
Five patients with hepatitis should eat foods help the liver
If, unfortunately, suffering from hepatitis, should be actively treated, appropriate rest and nutrition, this may also be recovered in a relatively short period of time. So, what food should be eaten with hepatitis in order to supplement the body needs good nutrition it?
The following are experts advocate the five patients with hepatitis should eat foods:
★ milk
With high-quality protein, lactose and easily absorbed body cream, vitamins, rich in calcium and phosphorus and various trace elements, is the ideal natural food hepatitis.
★ fish
The protein and protein structure similar to the human body, easy to digest and absorb.
★ honey and royal jelly
Main ingredient is glucose and fructose, can be directly absorbed by the body contains a variety of inorganic salts and trace elements, is easily absorbed, high utilization.
★ eggs
Egg yolk is rich in fat, including neutral fats, lecithin and cholesterol. Hepatitis patients can reasonably feeding eggs to no more than 2 per day is appropriate.
★ mushrooms
Rich in amino acids and vitamins, also has anti-bacterial, anti-cancer role and function of the spleen appetizer.

Five strokes to get rid of bad breath

"Tone" that is, bad breath, is the public's "embarrassed" card - often totally unconsciously you become the other "to avoid any" person. Clarify the reasons causing the tone, before specific solutions to problems. And want your breathing, such as blue, and not just chewing gum this method.
1. Valedictory tone of basic skills - good oral cleaning
Tone is attributable to diseases caused by the oral, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding gums, alveolar overflow pus, a large stone or dirt fouling. Oral cavity, the residual food between the teeth break down the fermentation by anaerobic bacteria can produce unpleasant odors. This is why the tone is usually heavier after waking up reasons.
Good oral hygiene habits is important for the elimination of bad breath. Such as mouthwash after meals, brush your teeth 2 times a day or more seriously, regular oral examination and scaling, early detection and treatment of dental diseases.
In addition, the tone of serious people, brush your teeth, remember to brush lightly bit his tongue, as many small particles on the tongue also hidden the following bacteria and food debris, causing bad breath problem bad mood.
2. The body heat causes bad breath bad mood, light diet is in addition to the basic taste.
Chinese medicine believes that if the tone of filth, the smell is similar to the stool, hot and humid and gastrointestinal disorders may be related, but the body also showed greasy yellow tongue coating, gingival swelling, pain, constipation, face acne, facial naked hot, like cold drinks ; and work pressure, often stays up late, eating spicy food, etc. will contribute to the generation of the fire.
Should therefore be clear Wei Huo, while ensuring sleep, work and rest. Wei Huo Sheng who wishes to get tone problem and needs to eating light, avoid eating raw, cold, irritation, not digestible, fatty food.
In addition to eating slowly, drink plenty of water, eat celery, apples, citrus fruits and vegetables such as crude fiber.
3. Spleen and stomach, raising a fresh breath Jianweixiaoshi.
If the result of weak stomach, indigestion, food stasis in the stomach, and abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, pulpy stool and other symptoms, or suffering from chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, this time the tone is usually strange food fermented sour odor. In this case, you can take security and pills and Jianweixiaoshi film. If you have chronic gastritis, do not rush except bad breath, but must first keep a good stomach. Spleen can take pills, you can also eat grapefruit, tangerine peel can also be made by September, bergamot soaked drink.
4. Breathe smoothly, to breathing, such as blue.
Some of tone, is more pyrophlegm Hyperactivity caused by lung deficiency and other respiratory diseases, such as sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.
If there is such a bad breath, chewing may wish to point kumquat or fresh orange peel, because the orange peel contains a lot of vitamin C and essential oils, not only feel in the mouth throat Jin Yun, Full of aroma, as well as cough, spleen and stomach effect.
5. Nourish liver and kidney, only fresh breath.
If in addition to the tone, but also both upset, insomnia, or waist and knees, dry mouth and throat and other symptoms, possibly related with the liver and kidney can be taken after consulting a doctor or Zhibai Dihuang Wan Yin Jiang Huo Suanzaorentang , moistening fluid. Because saliva contains a natural antibacterial material, so moisture can inhibit oral bacteria.
In addition, middle age, saliva secretion decreased, reducing the oral self-cleaning effect, so the elderly are more prone to bad breath

Intellectuals are more at risk of dementia

Alzheimer's disease in China was increasing trend in elderly patients has occupied the first "killer" position, which accounted for intellectuals more than 20% disease rates, and the ratio of 5% per year rising.
Old people confused, do not be a normal
Alzheimer's disease patients, most of them in the text, technology and other aspects of the work, and once they retire from the busy work of tension, many people can not adjust their mentality time, changing roles, that suffered from "senile dementia", The family just think they get older, "senile", and even more reluctant to believe that a lot of previous knowledge, and Manner full of parents and the "dementia" two words together.
Ms Qian's father, 67-year-old former is a disease in urban road design engineer, retired as the city has successfully designed a myriad reasonable, smooth roads, impressive, and has won numerous awards. But after years of retirement, his wife left him due to illness, how he was a man staying at home is not comfortable, filial sons and daughters are thinking about the law to accompany him, he also bought a cute puppy But he did not like it, then more and more children are found him strange, often called into her son to the kitchen as a bathroom, has a tidy bear father became dirty, and the situation is more serious, even aphasia, amnesia , go get lost, did not dare leave home, people. Sons and daughters do not believe that his father had "senile dementia" that is "free", and until recently have come to the hospital for treatment. Following MRI, and Alzheimer's Checklist and other check, Professor Xu for Miss Xiao said: Your father has Alzheimer's, the disease is very heavy, due to the long did not receive proper treatment, missed the best treatment for the treatment of period of time if the disease had found that treatment, although not curable, but can control the disease's development.
The more confused the older person is not to prevent the most critical
Alzheimer's disease, is a chronic degenerative brain disease, common are Alzheimer's dementia and vascular dementia. Distance for the conduct of clinical manifestations of memory disorders, analytical ability decline, mood changes, behavioral disorders, and even confusion. Is the quality of life of the elderly one of the major diseases, to families and society caused considerable burden. So far, no specific drug treatment. Professor Xu said: Although no cure for Alzheimer's, but the older people are not more confused, elderly family members to care for the timely detection of dementia symptoms, address the disease, early treatment.
The gradual degradation of the brain is the physical laws of nature, is generally believed that middle-aged people, the brain function and structure that can be aged, a large number of nerve cells degenerate, the brain begins to shrink, while nerve cells and nerve fibers are degenerative changes in brain than the young blood flow decreased by approximately 17%. Decline of brain function as an early manifestation of memory loss. So, always think long memory and the elderly the ability to accept new knowledge is getting worse, is due to reduction of brain cells, caused by brain atrophy. However, scientists have found that the human brain has a high degree of plasticity, that can always positive with the brain of healthy elderly, the transmission of information does not reduce the number of dendritic cells, or even increase, with age, the more knowledge and experience and more abundant, easy to set up multiple links, resulting in improved memory, comprehension and language skills, problem analysis, induction, reasoning and ability to judge and often even more than young people. So slow down brain aging, reduce the incidence of dementia is possible. In addition, the positive result to avoid the risk factors of dementia (such as poor lifestyle and eating habits, addicted to tobacco and alcohol, depression, living alone, environmental pollution, etc.), and actively combat the disease (hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, sexually transmitted diseases, hypothyroidism, etc.), but also can prevent or reduce the incidence of dementia.
Meanwhile, Professor Xu also suggested: the elderly do not have Alzheimer's scared of it is important to stress methods, preventive measures. The first is to prevent atherosclerosis. Spleen and kidney may be a number of old people eat foods, such as yam, date, barley; followed by attention to functional aspects of mental and physical training. Should be diligent in their brains, many activities such as finger joints; third, focus on mental nursed back to health. Nursed back to health should pay attention to the impassioned atmosphere, and maintain optimism, sadness and worry less; the fourth is to strengthen the physical training. Some own favorite, whatever sport, such as jogging, swimming, hiking and other activities; fifth is living eat. Stressed to do "three, three high, three low and two-ring", that regular, quantitative, qualitative; high-protein, high unsaturated fatty acids, high vitamin; low-fat, low salt; smoking, alcohol, you can eat some fish food, appropriate to add vitamin E; the seventh, their loved ones care. Contemporary social life, the pace of work are not all the same. Children usually do not live with their parents, which also requires young people to give "empty nest" a number of caring for the elderly, especially the widowed elderly.
Nine signal can predict Alzheimer's disease
According to Xu Professor: If the following nine signals, the incidence of dementia should be careful.
1, memory impairment. Often shows "forgetful," "Having to forget," repeated the same question asked;
2, visual spatial skills barriers. Can not accurately determine the location of items, find their own rooms, beds, clothes tell about, anyway;
3, the language barrier. Though eloquent, but the listener can not hear his words, stuttering and vague;
4, writing difficulties. Write the contents of the lied, or even write their own names;
5, apraxia and agnosia. The original can be skillfully riding, swimming, after the illness will not, do not know their loved ones and familiar faces of friends;
6, the calculated barriers. Shopping will not afterwards, serious even the most simple addition and subtraction will not be a;
7, judgment, and distraction.
8, mental dysfunction. Often appears mania, hallucinations, personality changes, etc.;
9, movement disorders. Aimless pacing around the door, closed and urine incontinence.


Listen to the voice of the body to determine which organ has the disease part 3

"Do not be nervous occasional snore. Uneven if the loud snoring, dry mouth and there are early morning, daytime fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, head spaced, unresponsive, lack of concentration, memory loss, etc., that may be afflicted with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Sleep apnea occurs frequently, can cause decreased blood oxygen content, so that the body in a hypoxic state, which not only affect the sleep quality, but also lead to cardiovascular and endocrine diseases.
Study found that obese men, pregnant women are high risk of snoring. If the snoring woke up with dry mouth, dizziness, headache, daytime sleepiness, lethargy, and even fell asleep while working or driving, as well as memory loss, inability to concentrate, unresponsive, such as performance, the best doctor.
Joint ring
Joint activities are fascia, ligaments, muscle and other tissues of the restrictions, joint cavity in a lubricant fluid, which then dissolved gases. When the joint activities, they will put these gases from the liquid squeezed out, so sound. When the joint flexion and extension over time, often there will be "popping" sound in the joints, generally will not affect health. However, if the joint often snapping, and accompanied by pain and movement disorder will have to pay attention, may be tenosynovitis, bursitis, meniscal injury and other bone and joint diseases.
In the drink with a straw, big mouth to speak, eat too fast, the people will breathe additional gas, coupled with the intestinal bacteria break down food residues produced by the gas, are a major source of fart. Beans, carrots, dairy products most likely to produce gas, but these are mostly healthy food, produced with a loud but not smelly fart, it is "loud fart does not stink," said. The chicken, duck, fish, meat, though less exhaust, but the animal protein by fermentation, corrosion will produce hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans and other substances excreted normally silent but very smelly, it is "not cocky ring, "said.
"Noise" is more disturbing to others, uncovered to create "noise" of the culprit, can also own a "quiet" in the body.

Listen to the voice of the body to determine which organ has the disease part 2

Hands over his ears, you will feel buzzing ears, because the sound was blocked outside noise, so you hear the sound of ear tissue blood flow. Quiet environment can amplify our hearing, but if you can hear the usual "head tweets" appear in the ear ringing, whistle, wave sound, the sound of cicadas and so on, while the surrounding environment and do not have the sound source to beware. American Tinnitus experts, Dr. Ike said: "I had a lot of diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus patients, from the outside, they are at least 10 years older than their actual age." Severe tinnitus affect not only hearing, interfere with normal sleep, can also cause anxiety, irritability and a series of mental problems or depression.
Noise is caused by the most common cause of tinnitus. When a frequency of the noise damage the hearing nerve endings cells, it will generate the appropriate frequency of tinnitus. In fact, more than the safety standards of noise (80-90 dB A sound level) noise are likely to cause tinnitus and deafness. Is also an important factor in drug abuse, the United States auditory nerve pharmacologist Dr. Brown found, including propranolol, verapamil, a variety of commonly used drugs, including ibuprofen can cause tinnitus. In addition, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases are also common barriers to enable the microcirculation, resulting in tinnitus.
Once the hearing nerve endings cell damage is difficult to restitution, but the treatment by means of neurotrophic drugs can ease symptoms. Ringing in the ears of the people should not have been drinking, smoking, staying up late and other bad habits.
Teeth bite creak sound sleep, wake up the back muscles tension, aches, and headache, if you have this symptom, it may suffer from "bruxism." Molar caused by many reasons, lateral position or prone position to sleep, abnormalities of teeth will make people involuntarily molar; molar may also be gastrointestinal disorders, intestinal parasites, uric acid increased the performance of psychosis. In addition, the oral part of the body's first exciting, when people work stress, mental stress increases, it may molars.
Do not look at something small teeth, long teeth can cause a wide range of dental and periodontal tissue loss, not only may lead to periodontal disease, can lead to face old and aesthetic impact. If regular teeth, before going to bed with a towel in hot compress on the jaw, bite the muscles can relax, try to relax, do the appropriate gymnastics, hot bubble bath, listening to soft music and so on.

Listen to the voice of the body to determine which organ has the disease part 1

Those from the ear, nose, throat, teeth and other organs of the "noise" may be the first reaction of the body protect itself, but the disease has become more than physical limits of performance. Here let us look at some of the human body often hear "noise."
When the food into the trachea choke, inhaled irritant gas, cough or airway foreign body secretions can be excreted, so that the cough can not tolerate.
The cough may be repeated bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases performance. Chinese medicine stresses "internal organs are people cough, lungs are non-exclusive", allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, angioneurotic edema, lung congestion caused by heart disease, and even the external auditory canal foreign body will cause coughing. Therefore, if there is unexplained cough, shall go and see a doctor.
Between the chest and abdomen, could have a hat like a thick muscle membrane, it is the diaphragm. Where a cold meal, eating too fast, eating hard foods such as dry after stimulation, there will be paroxysmal and diaphragm spasmodic contractions, people will "uh child" off the hook. The body is a short-term hiccups protective reaction, but if successive or refractory refractory, may indicate cholecystitis, peptic ulcer and other diseases. In addition, tension, anger and other adverse psychological state is also a common cause of hiccups.
Distinguish whether organic disease had a small hiccup trick, that burp can ease within 24 hours, and fall asleep and then automatically stopped, not a disease caused by multiple, and more than 24 hours are still hiccups, and do not stop sleeping people, mostly sick.


Must know! 8 kinds of figure, the most attractive men's eyes! part 3

Six features: a flat belly
Most women than men belly round and flat smooth belly means that they are not pregnant, welcomed the men's pursuit. The gym and yoga in the classroom, we are doing abdominal exercise for women, all of them want to have a solid perfect lower abdomen.
Belly dance popular again recently, and it became a sport, but few know its origin. Belly Dance from Temple, is the harem girl and jump in order to please their owners.
Harem girl sitting in the owner who, through a series of fierce masters of twisting to induce orgasm. Hula Hawaii has a similar origin, these dance now "traditional folk dance" in front of elegant attitude show in the world.
Seven Characteristics: arc back, curved perineal
Gentle curve to show the characteristics of women; and if the geometric-like angular body, it is a symbol of male glory.
Therefore, men all over the world love the perfect curve of a woman. Women than men on the back of a narrow width than men, lower back, under the curvature of the spine than men.
More curved back to Alice hip chest pretty. Casually asked a woman to pose, she will arch their backs in particular the curve, Alice high hip, and then a hand or hands are placed in the superior gluteal, to share out more space for more to attention.
If you have any questions on this point, easily find a woman standing in front of you, want her to put her most sexy poses. Off to, now go to trial.
Features eight: a slender neck
Rough neck men than women, short, the structure is relatively robust, in order to avoid hunting in a fight or be broken.
Women thin, long, conical shaped neck, a symbol of a different gender. Glad to see a man wearing a beautiful slender neck jewelry, and cartoonists like women with a neck to reinforce the character. This is also the lover "hug kiss his neck" when the site.
South Africa and East Africa, many tribes, like the Ndebele tribe, Zulu, Xhosa tribe, the Masai tribe, the tribe's young girls in the neck on the sets of silver rings, they grow into the woman's stage, will continue to added silver ring adjustment.
Silver ring his neck elongated, in their culture, this is beautiful. Silver ring compression head, the clavicle deformation, so it was 45 ° neck bending. Once remove the silver ring, neck and head can not bear the weight, it will answer the break.

Must know! 8 kinds of figure, the most attractive men's eyes! part 2

Features Four: Bottom waist
For centuries, women wore corset in finding ways to get your waist size, the purpose is to have a perfect body like a funnel-like.
To this end they have to endure the chest was deformed and hold interest rates, organ compression, abortion, all the pain rib displacements, and sufferings, is to want to pursue irresistible femininity.
The 19th century, women use panniers to emphasize the hips, implying that he had fertility. The corset is able to enhance the effect of the hip, and can reduce the abdomen, told to the public themselves are not pregnant, so you can accept the pursuit. In the 19th century, the ideal waist size of the girl, is to just fit her age.
Fertility, health, the best women, and their waist-hip ratio is 7:10, that is, her waist size is the size of her hips 70%.
Read history, you can find that the proportion of the most captured the hearts of men; If turned into 8:10, a man to lack of interest.
And this ratio should not the same, whether high or low, can not attract men's attention. The ratio is 1:1, few women can attract men, gathered around the uterus and ovaries because of too much fat, fertility is clearly not good.
Clever arrangement of nature, the vital organs will not be piling up excessive fat around, so like the heart, brain, testes, etc., there is no excess fat.
Hysterectomy women, like men, fat is usually deposited on the lower abdomen, because they no longer have reproductive organs.
University of Texas evolutionary psychology expert, Professor Di Van De Laxin have examined the Miss America beauty contest, and "Playboy" nude photos.
Both the physical attractiveness of up to 50 years old. He found the perfect sex symbol of the weight, during which an average of nearly 6 kg down around 7:10 in the waist-hip ratio, but still no change. He also found that the most attractive to men ratio is 6.7:10 between ~ 8:10.
Characteristics of Five: rounded buttocks
Men feel very charming rounded buttocks. Save a woman's buttocks a lot of fat, as is the use of breast-feeding, there is famine as an emergency granary, a bit like a camel hump function.
Stone Age sculpture, painting, women have a big butt, hips special fertilizer sudden, now that South Africa is still some racial characteristics. In ancient times, suddenly hip fat is sexy symbol. In Greece, even the "best bottom Goddess" Efoluodai tai temple built.
By the 19th century, when the idea that women should not be exposed in public any part of the body. In order to attract attention to the young woman a man would get to use panniers big hips.
However, the 20th century, big ass is no longer popular, because it over-indulgence, and that a person in poor health. Therefore, young women began to deliberately hide their ass, and even liposuction method to reduce the size of butt. Dressed in designer jeans, Alice makes a round ass look strong.
High heels make the back arch, follow to the upturned buttocks, and walking around Qingbai to attract men's attention. Marilyn Monroe is said to make walking more swaying posture, particularly the left foot heel cut two centimeters shorter.

Must know! 8 kinds of figure, the most attractive men's eyes! part 1

The 19th century that women in Western countries, "beautiful" standard is fair-skinned, with a touch of rouge on the cheeks, the whole experience should show the elegance and delicate women. Today, the "beautiful" standard is to emphasize youth, health, beauty contest organized by various women's health in the hope that the performance of the United States. Life? We often say that the first impression is extremely important, but this first impression is exactly what the characteristics of women who play a role? Us a look!
Remember, we only analyze the structure from the physical characteristics, like a blind date through the same photo. Even if you never met with someone, not spoken, nor had met, but you have to be to attract these factors.
Will be discussed later in this chapter we have in the selection of the other half, some and appearance irrelevant factors. We will first analyze the body language of the neck, and then we'll focus on all the facial expressions, listed in the end of this chapter. So excited about the second man, seven, eight, and ninth this four parts, will stay at that time discussed.
Features one: sports figure
Most women can attract men's attention, is to have a sports figure of the woman. The representative body fit and healthy, health, capacity is also a symbol of procreation, the production will not be dangerous.
Most men like a little meat, a woman, than do not like skinny women, because the more fat that the milk feeding infants. Few women know that one of the sexy idol Marilyn Monroe, not only busty and her legs are very strong. Malnutrition, street children can not be sexy idol.
Features II: fullness in the chest
18-year-old woman to the chest early 20s, is a man's favorite, because when the chest both sexy, but also represents a time when the peak period of fertility. Such chest nude, most often in the men's magazine, or strippers, and selling sex toys in the ad.
Chest about the size and adipose tissue, fat, round shape to the chest, but nothing to do, and milk secretion.
Not a baby pink nipples woman, when a mother will turn into a dark brown color. The animals like monkey, even if the mother is not breast. Primate of chest size with changes resulting from pregnancy or not, and may vary.
However, the size of the human female breast has remained in the enlarged appearance, there will be only a little change during pregnancy. Most of the time the role of chest ─ ─ identify only one gender.
Human beings have not learned to walk with both feet, rounded fullness of the hips by men responsible for attracting attention was the mate from behind. Now human beings stand up straight, walk with both feet, in order to attract men in front of the chest to get bigger.
Low-cut clothes, as well as effects of high concentration bra care, resulting in the cleavage, so the more significant characteristics, which is derived from the imitation of a woman's buttocks. Some women know the meaning of cleavage, after scaring the daylights out, others will be put to good use.
Around the nipple pink or brown areola, areola contains small glands secrete the frolicking in the bedroom when the men that can stimulate the brain's smell. This explains why men like his head buried in the woman chest.
All studies have shown that, regardless of breast size, shape how men will like it. Whether such as lemon-like small breasts, or such as watermelon-like Big, as long as the chest, most men would like, and they love to see cleavage.
Features three: long legs
The woman has a pair of slender legs usually left a deep impression on men. The reason is very simple, more slender legs look more sexy, as to attract the attention of the intersection between the legs.
Conversely, if a woman's sex organ is the armpit, then men would not go noticed her legs, but noted that she had muscular biceps and triceps.
Because of this, no one has heard a man praise a woman with beautiful long arm. Newborn baby legs and the body appeared to be very short compared adult before the legs and body size will not change much.
However, after puberty the girl, begins to secrete hormones, the rapid growth of her legs, she was transformed into a woman. Slender legs become a powerful symbol of obvious, let men know that she has matured, the ability to bear children. So always be sexy long legs features.
For women, the long legs is the ladder leading to the birth.
For men, long legs is the staircase to heaven.
Into the Miss Universe Pageant and the Miss World final, legs slender than the average woman. Barbie special pair of legs is elongated by artificial, manufacturers stretch the picture as long as the model of the legs, or to pull into a human form modeling incredible long legs, then with sales expected to be greatly increased.
And women grow into the early mother often complained about her wearing a skirt too short, but this is because the girl's legs were too long, giving rise to this illusion. By age 20, her physical growth has ended, making her leg may look shorter than the adolescent is also 1 / 10.
Most women naturally know the meaning behind the legs, in puberty learn how to use it, often in high heels make legs look more slender, even if cold weather is also wearing a short skirt.
They ignore the uncomfortable high heels, and long-term wear will be the risk of injury to the spine, but also nothing to fear from the possible infection of inflammation, just want the appearance to attract men.
Men like women to wear high heels, because it made her look a pair of girl's legs, but also suggests a good fertility.
A pair of slender legs can make a woman more sexy, chest arched back and tilted hips, while pushing the pelvis forward, you can make legs look more slender. This is very high heels and strappy stiletto heels are very popular reasons.
Most men also like women have a pair of rounded thick legs, not like the thin, strong legs, because the fleshy legs make women different from men's legs, legs, and that shows good ability to produce milk. Men like women have a pair of legs as sportsmanship; but if it looks like playing the World Cup for England, it would avoid the bar.
Studies have indicated that the length of a woman's skirt, and the heel height, will have to change according to the menstrual cycle. Ovulation, she will not consciously choose clothes and relatively high exposure to shoes. This is a good for parents of small knowledge: 14-18 days after menstruation, the optimistic about their own daughter!


With you know, "the couple harmony element"

A Harvard University professor of nutrition survey found that some parts of the Middle East, Egypt, near Cairo, some residents are very common genital hypoplasia, testicular atrophy, short penis, no beard, pubic and armpit hair. Although some of the normal genital development, but the low sexual desire, a small number of sperm, low energy, not fertility. Why is this? After further investigation, the professor found that residents of these areas in a wide range of food deficiency. Is zinc and human reproductive health are so closely linked it?
Zinc is a trace element, which, calcium, iron, like the human body are indispensable to ensure good health is an important material. Although the body only 2 to 3 grams of zinc, but play an irreplaceable role. Zinc is an activator of several enzymes involved in many biochemical reactions in vivo. Zinc is particularly close relationship with the gonads, long-term zinc deficiency affects not only the function of the pituitary, the reduction of gonadotropin secretion, causing genital developmental disorders, will also affect the formation of sperm, resulting in sexual dysfunction, and even lead to refractory disease. This is particularly worth mentioning is the chronic prostatitis.
Chronic prostatitis is a high incidence of males, had sense of chronic prostatitis in addition to frequent urination, bloating, there are sexual dysfunction, including impotence, premature ejaculation, semen less, difficult or even blood, sperm and other ejaculate. Male sexual dysfunction, 20% to 30% is caused by chronic prostatitis, age of onset from youth to old age have. Alcoholism, frequent masturbation, lust can lead to chronic prostatitis. Prostatic fluid prostatic secretion is an important part of semen, sperm and nutritious semen dilution effect. When there is inflammation of the prostate, the resulting quality of the prostate problems, so that the sperm of essential nutrients and help the material to reduce sperm motility, especially the lack of zinc. Zinc is something indispensable to the survival of sperm, the lack of it to decreased sperm quality. Scientists confirmed that in healthy prostate and prostatic fluid contain a large amount of zinc, the zinc contained in the prostate than in other organs of the body are high. The study also found that if there is a prostate disease, in which the zinc content must be low. French scientists, research shows that if the zinc content of the prostate in more than 30% below normal, then easily lead to prostatic hypertrophy and prostatitis; such as reduction of more than 60%, the incidence of prostate cancer increased significantly.
How to make the body maintain normal levels of zinc do? It is simply "cut costs."
The so-called "open source" is to eat foods rich in zinc. In general, a person eating a normal diet is not zinc deficiency, zinc deficiency is mainly due to the reason why diet is not balanced, grain-based diet to food, and animal protein intake. As cereals, vegetables and other foods containing more starch, pectin and cellulose, which can interfere with zinc absorption and utilization. To ensure that the body has enough zinc, will moderate intake of animal protein. Oysters, meat, eggs, nuts, carrots, potatoes are rich in zinc, especially oysters, zinc content of various foods in the first ranking. "Throttling" is to reduce the loss of zinc, alcohol can promote the excretion of zinc, so people tend to zinc deficiency alcoholism. Sexual dysfunction is very common in alcoholics, including loss of libido, impotence, ejaculation disorders, etc., so pay attention to alcohol. There are a number of chronic diseases such as cirrhosis, pancreatitis patients because of poor digestion lead to malabsorption of zinc, and some patients with long-term use of certain drugs also appear deficient, they mentioned the same in patients with prostate disease should be conscious zinc under the guidance of a doctor.
Zinc on reproductive health is so critical, no wonder labeled as "husband and wife Harmony prime" reputation. But be careful not to over-intake, because too much zinc may affect the absorption of other trace elements, then, what other security problems caused by uncertainty and a.

Immunity is not as high as possible

"Can improve the immunity from disease!" This is most people's first impression of the immune system. To pay more attention to their health in the modern at the same time, many businesses this attitude of people spotted, and vigorously promote the "strengthening the immune system," the efficacy of products. Royal jelly, cod liver oil, amino acids ... ... a variety of health products can be as long as the process is linked with the immune system worth double.
Immune system to fight like a sale signs
Almost every supermarket has a "to enhance immunity," the health care products sold in pharmacy health care products and even have a special counter sales. A large drug supermarket opened a special "enhanced immunity," the shelf, the reporter counted roughly a meter high, two meters wide on the shelves, filled with two dozen marked "enhance immunity," the word health care products, many of the box, these five words bigger than the product name. When a reporter asked the clerk, what gifts to give them the best, the clerk said without hesitation: "the best selling health products, can improve the resistance, not sick."
Currently approved with "improve immunity" function of the domestic health food of 1,375 species. Propolis, protein powder, amino acids, such as oral liquid in the majority. Although they are different components, but all emphasize the "enhanced immunity" effect.
Even more surprising is that many ordinary foods also take the express train on the immune system. Members of a large supermarket sales of small He told reporters that some manufacturers will be walking a fine line when placed in the commodity, such as a bag of ordinary dates, as long as the paste "to enhance immunity," the words, it will sell particularly well. But in fact the instructions carefully to see bags and did not mark the so-called health.
Four Mistakes distortion immunity
The body is like a battlefield, the body can not see happening every day "war", but most of the time you are unaware, this is because "human army" in the absolute advantage. But when you come fever, body aches, runny nose a lot of tears, pain would indicate that the body's "armed forces" there are some problems, diseases and other enemies will swoop in, make you sapped.
This hidden in the human body's "armed forces" is the immune system, which include bone marrow, thymus, spleen, lymph nodes, tonsils and other immune organs. Under normal circumstances, the body's immune system will be unanimously and courageously fight the enemy, for war experience, around the clock to protect our body's "peace." But sometimes, their own immune system also has an internal problem: Investigators sometimes neglect their duties, the army appears Panzei, the occurrence of "internal strife" and so on, people defeated.
Immunity to this "army" is the body's own defense mechanisms, experts said that many people do not know of the mechanism, there are four major aspects of the major errors.
Misunderstanding 1. Immunity strong as possible. Jau said that immunity as blood pressure, blood sugar, lower is not a good thing, easily lead to bacterial and viral infections, but the disease is high, harmful. Immune response is too strong, too destructive, but also prone to similar lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid and other autoimmune diseases. Therefore, a good immune system is in a state of equilibrium, have a good self-control.
Myth 2. Immunity is the resistance. Resistance, including immunity, rejection capabilities, repair capacity (healing and regeneration capacity) and many other capabilities, immunity is only one of them. In short, areas of greater resistance. So drugstore salesman "strengthening the immune system can enhance the resistance" if not entirely correct.
Myth # 3. The elderly and health groups need to take medicine or health products to enhance the immune system. If it is not necessary, should be firmly opposed to the behavior of drug abuse, because the drugs interfere with the immune system most. In particular, to oppose the arbitrary taking hormone drugs and abuse of the practice of immunoglobulin. For some claim to have enhanced immune function in health care products, because there is no measure, no support of evidence-based medicine, there is no need to take.
Myth # 4. Imperfect development of infant immune system, usually needs special protection. Parents over children under the protection of the body's immune system becomes fragile, vulnerable, very unfavorable for growth. Therefore, the body of this army to reject "pampered" the only constant stimulation in order to improve combat effectiveness.
Without strengthening the immune system healthy
Typically, each person's immune system are in a state of equilibrium. Only when the child repeated colds, pneumonia or diarrhea, unexplained rash adults, fever reclaim the long-term, joint swelling and other symptoms, only need to go to hospital. Experts remind that, in their daily lives need to note the following:
Children need not be too clean. Immune system "memory is bad," the formation of infectious agents would be immune memory, if the next event of the same bacteria can quickly be eliminated. Children too clean environment, will reduce the chance of infection to produce antibodies, but less resistance.
Although the immune system of young people is very powerful, but vulnerable to negative emotions, stress interference. Once your body some discomfort, from the most basic of sleep, food to start. Good sleep allows the body leukocytosis, liver detoxification function increases, so will destroy invading bacteria and viruses.
In addition, remained optimistic will help enhance immunity, and the pressure on the immune system is inhibited, so that the body was cold or other diseases.
For the elderly, to eat some of the health care products to increase resistance to complement a variety of nutrients as a balanced, because nutrition is the basis of immunity. An egg a day, drinking 250 ml of milk, can ensure high quality protein, including animal foods and soy intake. Eat fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits, which are rich in trace elements, vitamins and dietary fiber. In addition, appropriate exercise to promote blood circulation, slow down the aging of tissues and immune system function decay process as a whole.