Magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan (2) the true hazards of nuclear radiation cancer cases

In 1945, Japan
Subjected to bombing after two atomic bombs, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two cities thousands of lives are a serious threat of nuclear radiation. The end of 1945, only the city of Hiroshima from the 35 million population dropped by about 14 million, while the others survived after that more and more cancer.
USA 1953
U.S. military tests at Yucca flat 11 atomic bombs, the last one being detonated is equivalent of 32,000 tons (equivalent to 1 ton per ton of TNT equivalent explosive power of explosives) of the "Dirty Harry" bomb. One year later, the Hollywood movie "Conqueror" ground crew selected from the Yucca nuclear test site on the Snow Canyon is only 137 miles of outdoor shooting. Result, the film crew of 220 members, nearly half of the inhaled radioactive dust, infected with the deadly cancer.
Ukraine 1986
Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded, the occurrence of serious nuclear leakage. It is reported that 21 people died on the spot was initially estimated by nuclear radiation, less than 50 cleaners. Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion in fact be called "the most serious nuclear accident", according to 2006 data released by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, as this case from the nuclear explosion, National 4800 million people in Uganda, a total included 47.34 million, including 2.5 million children, victims of nuclear radiation is still under medical supervision. The deplorable that the local new-born child from the moment of life since the formation with congenital diseases. Among them, abnormalities, cancer, sepsis has become the slaughter of these innocent children, the main killers.

Magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan(1) Easily lead to nuclear radiation types of cancer?

Backgrounder: METI nuclear safety and security of homes 14 announced, Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 in the first 11:01 local time, hydrogen explosion occurred, the reactor where the building was damaged, but placing the reactor vessel was not damaged. Currently, the Japan Atomic Safety and Security Institute called the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima within a 20 km radius around the 600 residents of the house quickly to the refuge.

As has happened in human history, the atomic bomb, nuclear power plant leaks and other serious accidents, it is more and more insight into the vast and cold nuclear radiation lethality. How terrible nuclear radiation in the end? Nuclear leakage, explosion, nuclear radiation on the environment, human health will bring a long time, an immeasurable impact, and because of cancer caused by nuclear radiation is the most significant of a performance.
Carcinogenic radiation path -
Nuclear radiation are α, β, γ are three forms of radiation. α radiation can be blocked as long as a piece of paper, but a large inhalation hazard; β radiation burns after skin is exposed to significant; γ radiation and X-ray similar to the human body and can penetrate buildings, hazard distance.
How does nuclear radiation damage the human body from? Human body there are a lot of various molecules, nuclear radiation on the human body is first expressed in the destruction of these molecules, causing molecular properties change. However, the damage does not necessarily mean "cancer."
Only when the molecules can not repair damaged cells remained alive and the case of eventual uncontrolled cell replication, and finally grow into cancer cells, are considered because the occurrence of nuclear radiation causes cancer. However, it is undeniable that for a long time to accept a higher intensity of radiation will increase the possibility of human cancer.
Hot friends: Japan nuclear leak would cause a new round of cancer highlight?
Easily lead to nuclear radiation types of cancer?
According to the information retrieval found that the current radiation foreign pathogenic events occurring in patients with multiple manifestations of fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, skin redness, ulcers, bleeding, hair loss, leukemia, vomiting and diarrhea. Serious nuclear radiation will increase the cancer, distortion, the incidence of hereditary disease. In general, the body more energy radiation received, the more serious symptoms of radiation sickness, carcinogenic, teratogenic risk is also greater. Among them, those most vulnerable to nuclear radiation leukemia, lymphoma, skin cancer, thyroid cancer and other cancers.
Leukemia: high frequency radiation may be due to microwave radiation causes cells to change the DNA sequence or mutations, in particular the dramatic increase in white blood cells may lead to sudden imbalance of the immune system. After the atomic bombings in Japan, a sharp rise in leukemia patients that are powerful burst of nuclear radiation effects on human cells.
Lymphoma: Radioactive substances that can cause chromosome changes in lymphocytes a long period of radioactive material if the chronic injury state, cell survival is still difficult to repair themselves, the increased chance of cancer cells.
Skin cancer: in the nuclear radiation environment for people, human contact with the outside skin is the most widely used place. The face of volatile substances or diffuse radiation material, the skin will bear the brunt of exposure to risk. In addition, the yellow and white compared to white skin are more susceptible to radiation damage.
Thyroid cancer: If a large number of radioactive material released into the atmosphere, easy to mess with hair thyroid cancer, because these radioactive materials represent a large share of radioactive iodine, and iodine in human thyroid is the main gathering place, when the body is eating or inhalation of radioactive iodine, accumulation in the thyroid dose of radioactive iodine can damage the thyroid gland or surrounding tissue, a dose may induce thyroid cancer.


Long-term abstinence, harm to human part 2

Impotence is a man of moderation inseparable friends
Of sexually mature men and women, sexual abstinence is unnatural. From a physiological point of view, people should keep all the organs necessary to carry out functional activities, or occurs in the body all the nervous, endocrine and biochemical processes will be destroyed, people's suffering throughout the body or an organ disease. All the organs in the human body and its functional activity, of course, also includes the function of sexual organs and sexual activities. In this sense, sexual abstinence is harmful to natural health.
Studies have shown that long-term control to men than women experience more intense pain. In the case of sexual abstinence, a man's sex drive will still frequent, even more frequently, and when the sexual tension in the body can not get through normal release of sexual life, sexual organs, especially the long run can cause chronic heart and blood prostate stasis, leading to the occurrence of prostatitis, such as abstinence, who has been suffering from prostatitis, the symptoms can be worse. Meanwhile, long-term decline in sexual abstinence but also to men, or even suffer from impotence, premature ejaculation embolism. Therefore, there is now a very popular word sentence: "sexual abstinence is the man impotence inseparable friends.
In addition, if the abstinence of men around the age of 25 have a strong constitution, due in 2 weeks after abstinence and abstinence can be brought about changes in sexual function recovered quickly, such as 30 to 35 year-old man interrupted sex life for months, is prone to premature ejaculation and also increase the likelihood of suffering from impotence; such as 40-year-old man is likely to result in long-term abstinence, impotence and other sexual dysfunction, and often need to seek medical help; and more than 50 years of age man long-term abstinence, and its features more difficult to restore the damage as usual.

Long-term abstinence, harm to human part 1

For a long time, people not only lack of understanding of sexual abstinence, even in something traditional culture of sexual restraint as a magic weapon for self-cultivation. For example, in the Chinese traditional values, tend to believe that sex can be loss of semen, Killing debilitating and harmful to health, asking people to ascetic restraint in sexual matters, in order to prolong life. Point of view of modern medicine, this will be a basic human instinct, the important physiological functions and human health against each other's views, nature is not worth refuting.
In Europe there is a perception that all the genius of discovery and achievement are derived from the sublimation of sexual energy. In other words, sexual restraint can stimulate people's creativity, talent and Albert created. In Russia, some say the reason to give people the impression such as Gogol novel "Dead Souls", "Diary of a Madman" and the satirical comedy "imperial envoys" This immortal giant with literature and art, because he never married, has been living a miserable life of celibacy. And today's sexologists do not agree with this view that the reason why there are so many human inventions, scientific discoveries and literary giant was, in fact, is precisely because of love, because of providing people with a boundless spirit of power, The long-term control for both the men and women's health are very harmful.
So, how long will the people of the physical restraint which caused injuries?
Abstinence, physical and psychological harm to women should not be underestimated
For women, long-term control can cause pelvic blood stasis, more likely to develop attachment inflammation, ovarian gynecological inflammation go far. Women in the early abstinence may increase their sexual desire, and in their sexual abstinence after a few months completely disappeared, and the resumption of sexual life in the slow process of sexual arousal. Sexual intercourse, vaginal discharge due to a decrease in pain, but can cause Xinggaochaozhangai, it was subject to several months to recover their orgasm response ever. It is worth mentioning that the long-term abstinence can also lead to women's psychological and behavioral changes. Data that the lack of sex life, women often lose themselves in their often unrealistic because some frustrated. Women not only abstinence can occur sleep disorders, headaches and stomach cramps embolism, but also the emergence of various neurological disorders, some women living in the two-month vegetative nervous after they occur. Abstinence is often the woman wept in secret, sometimes for chores on the Dadongganhuo colleagues and neighbors could not understand. Even more interesting is that they sometimes paranoid thinking, if they live in western countries coincided with the presidential election, is likely to vote for the most radical parties and leaders.
There are some research data about the long-term abstinence, long-term effects on health, such as women without sexual life long rough skin, face minimalist, more aging. Single men aged 12 to shorten the average life expectancy, while women can reduce the age of 5. These women not only more susceptible to pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological diseases, and the incidence of breast cancer than women with regular live more than twice as high. Therefore, we must not underestimate the sexual abstinence physical and psychological damage caused to the woman.


KFC "golden crab bucket" is the fish???

KFC's new seafood snacks - the "golden crab bucket," questioned recently by some friends with fish bones, the first time the company has made a reply: product is pure crab production. Yesterday, the KFC website is still advertising the video, but some stores in Beijing has been quietly discontinued this product, posters have been removed in the shop.
Yesterday evening, the reporter saw at KFC stores Xuanwumen, "crab bucket of gold" poster was torn down, there is no brand badge on the product information and price. Counter staff said: "crab bucket of gold, not sell out." When a reporter asked whether there are goods the next day, they were told this new product is no longer sold. Some Internet users speculate that the recent gold crab bucket negative evaluation by users, resulting in its being the shelves ahead of Kentucky. Kentucky officials did not respond to this.

Six people drink milk, but detrimental to health

Lactose in milk with higher levels of this drink, but it must be under the action of acid in the digestive tract break down lactose to galactose and glucose before being absorbed by the body. If lactose acid deficiency, after the consumption of milk can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea.
1. Iron deficiency anemia
Food iron into ferrous need to transit in the digestive tract can be absorbed and used. If you drink milk, the body's iron to calcium and milk, salt, combined to form insoluble phosphate compounds, the absorption of iron, is not conducive to anemic patients back to health.
2. Reflux esophagitis patients
Studies confirmed that the milk containing fat will affect the lower esophageal sphincter contraction, thereby increasing the gastric or intestinal fluid reflux esophagitis increased symptoms.
3. Patients after abdominal surgery
Many such patients have intestinal gas, milk contains more fat and casein in the stomach and intestines do not digest, the fermentation can produce gas, so that increased flatulence, is not conducive to the recovery of bowel function.
4. Peptic ulcer patients
Although milk can relieve stomach ulcers side of stimulation, but because a lot can stimulate gastric acid secretion in the gastrointestinal mucosa, make the disease worse.
5. Lactobionate lack of patients
High lactose content in milk, but lactose in the digestive tract must be under the action of acid decomposition of galactose and glucose before being absorbed by the body. If lactose acid deficiency, after the consumption of milk can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea.
6. Cholecystitis and pancreatitis patients
Milk fat digestion requires the participation of bile and pancreatic lipase, drinking milk will increase the burden of the gallbladder and pancreas, and then worse.


Interestingly statistics of physical parts of women

To one hundred pairs of men and women through the survey statistics are derived from all of the numerical representation, whether you are interested, want to know about female sexual physiology, physiology, ecology, and sexual life? See below.
[1] of the labia minora (6Cm):
The average length of female labia minora, generally five to seven centimeters, as the standard length, but by birth, women will be slightly elongated.
[2] vaginal angle (15):
Woman lying down, the vagina and the bed level were in the downward angle, generally about fifteen degrees; but to bend or to sag, vary, but a great distance.
[3] hip (sixth place):
The temptation to men, the hip, of course not as the breast, and in the erogenous zone among the ranks sixth in the buttocks accidentally; and around the top five are the sex organs, breasts, lips, neck and navel.
[4] by the blood (100cc):
Each menstrual cramps, menstrual flow are very different, but generally average, about 100cc.
[5] vaginal wall (30 seconds):
When sexual stimulation, the vaginal wall began to secrete Aiye the time required for an average of 30 seconds. In other words, only deep kissing with her once, had enough to make her into the state to have sex.
[6] vaginal temperature (38.5C):
The temperature inside the vagina, on average Celsius from 37.3 to 37.8 degrees; but congestion in the excitement when the temperature inside the vagina, can be jumped to 38.5 degrees Celsius; congestion in the excitement when The temperature inside the vagina, can be jumped to 38.5 degrees Celsius; words "vaginal pressure" high "name of device", the blood circulation and lively, so that the temperature of the vagina is also high, then the other hand, high body temperature vaginal women, it resembles an "Name device."
[7] Bust (81.95Cm):
Before and after the twenty-year-old female, the average bust size of 81.9 cm (32 inches); but sixteen-year-old girl, has an average of 81.1 cm, distance is not, how women breast growth, largely in the ten about six years old has been finalized.
[8] grip strength (29.61kg):
Before and after the twenty-year-old female, average grip strength of 29.61 kg, 47.49 kg for males, in other words the height of the sex, female grip strength of beds, no small matter!
[9] orgasm (6 seconds):
Female orgasm, the kind of excellent shape and feeling, than men obtained during ejaculation pleasure, about a long one to two seconds or so.
[10] ovulation (400 ~ 500):
Until the women from the menarche to menopause (ie, lifetime), the total number of ovaries, for four hundred to five hundred.
[11] vaginismus (0.8 seconds):
When the orgasm, female vagina, uterus and anal sphincter, occurs too 0.8 seconds, a total of about seven to eight times the seizure, repetitive contractions produced pleasure.
[12] pubic hair (86 cm ^):
The average area of pubic hair, per individual is different, the higher figure, with an area up to 140 cm ^; while the lowest was recorded in 21 cm ^. This, the 1 cm ^ area of the growth of pubic hair, about fifteen; the length of the average of six to seven centimeters. Reverse triangular plane shape, including pubic hair, long rectangular, and oval-shaped; while some women are "no hair" and "Light Mount body." With age, pubic hair off is subject to hormonal influence.
[13] nipple (3 to 4 times):
Nipple about six to seven mm in diameter on average, about seven to eight mm; Ruopi get with men suck, because the nipple-rich soft elastic, can stretch three to four times inflation.