Interestingly statistics of physical parts of women

To one hundred pairs of men and women through the survey statistics are derived from all of the numerical representation, whether you are interested, want to know about female sexual physiology, physiology, ecology, and sexual life? See below.
[1] of the labia minora (6Cm):
The average length of female labia minora, generally five to seven centimeters, as the standard length, but by birth, women will be slightly elongated.
[2] vaginal angle (15):
Woman lying down, the vagina and the bed level were in the downward angle, generally about fifteen degrees; but to bend or to sag, vary, but a great distance.
[3] hip (sixth place):
The temptation to men, the hip, of course not as the breast, and in the erogenous zone among the ranks sixth in the buttocks accidentally; and around the top five are the sex organs, breasts, lips, neck and navel.
[4] by the blood (100cc):
Each menstrual cramps, menstrual flow are very different, but generally average, about 100cc.
[5] vaginal wall (30 seconds):
When sexual stimulation, the vaginal wall began to secrete Aiye the time required for an average of 30 seconds. In other words, only deep kissing with her once, had enough to make her into the state to have sex.
[6] vaginal temperature (38.5C):
The temperature inside the vagina, on average Celsius from 37.3 to 37.8 degrees; but congestion in the excitement when the temperature inside the vagina, can be jumped to 38.5 degrees Celsius; congestion in the excitement when The temperature inside the vagina, can be jumped to 38.5 degrees Celsius; words "vaginal pressure" high "name of device", the blood circulation and lively, so that the temperature of the vagina is also high, then the other hand, high body temperature vaginal women, it resembles an "Name device."
[7] Bust (81.95Cm):
Before and after the twenty-year-old female, the average bust size of 81.9 cm (32 inches); but sixteen-year-old girl, has an average of 81.1 cm, distance is not, how women breast growth, largely in the ten about six years old has been finalized.
[8] grip strength (29.61kg):
Before and after the twenty-year-old female, average grip strength of 29.61 kg, 47.49 kg for males, in other words the height of the sex, female grip strength of beds, no small matter!
[9] orgasm (6 seconds):
Female orgasm, the kind of excellent shape and feeling, than men obtained during ejaculation pleasure, about a long one to two seconds or so.
[10] ovulation (400 ~ 500):
Until the women from the menarche to menopause (ie, lifetime), the total number of ovaries, for four hundred to five hundred.
[11] vaginismus (0.8 seconds):
When the orgasm, female vagina, uterus and anal sphincter, occurs too 0.8 seconds, a total of about seven to eight times the seizure, repetitive contractions produced pleasure.
[12] pubic hair (86 cm ^):
The average area of pubic hair, per individual is different, the higher figure, with an area up to 140 cm ^; while the lowest was recorded in 21 cm ^. This, the 1 cm ^ area of the growth of pubic hair, about fifteen; the length of the average of six to seven centimeters. Reverse triangular plane shape, including pubic hair, long rectangular, and oval-shaped; while some women are "no hair" and "Light Mount body." With age, pubic hair off is subject to hormonal influence.
[13] nipple (3 to 4 times):
Nipple about six to seven mm in diameter on average, about seven to eight mm; Ruopi get with men suck, because the nipple-rich soft elastic, can stretch three to four times inflation.