Women face health signal

What problems you face are not, no acne, freckles, fat granule or wrinkles, but, it seems the lack of a life. The face is not a life of light, but the eye seems to ill-defined black and white, glossy lip color is not enough. There is no doubt that your body is in healthy condition, or an unhealthy state.
Our bodies are not an inexhaustible supply of energy storage, and everyone should pay attention to their health, especially women delicate constitution. But a lot of time, even if you are a smart woman, also ignores a number of healthy reminder of the "lights", for example, skin. In fact, the skin is by no means a simple packing your musculoskeletal, but a mirror of women's health: the days you are depressed, your skin seems to have turned gray; and satiate the holidays, your skin also becomes acne clusters; when the busy work completed agitated, appeared in your eyes ... ... through the skin wrinkles in particular you can find these weaknesses in order to facilitate special care to enhance your health factor.
Wrinkles - your nervous
And the same year, compared to people, you look to a large 3 to 5 years old, not because of obesity or hair loss, but because of the hard line, not the kind of light pieces of fine lines, but deep, embedded in the muscles of the deep wrinkles. Wrinkles caused by your reason is stress, strain life activities consume a lot of necessary nutrients, the cell viability and metabolism slowed down, the skin will show dull and lack of elasticity, wrinkles will be more easily revealed. Sometimes, muscle tension under psychological pressure will accelerate wrinkles.
Eliminate wrinkles:
1, diet surgery. Usually eat carrots and milk, and carrots to keep the skin moist and delicate, which contains a large number of carotenoids help to maintain the normal function of cells and tissues of skin, reduce wrinkles and stimulate the skin's metabolism, to keep the skin moist and delicate. The skin in the evening milk is the most favorite food. It can improve skin cell activity, there slow skin aging and enhance skin tone, elimination of small wrinkles and other effects.
2, the massage. The lotion or massage cream evenly wipe the face and neck, hand knead for a minute, resulting in micro-thermal. Then, with one hand in the thumb and middle finger on both sides of the temple, touch two minutes, until you can feel the pulse; then gently massage from the bottom up, up no more than hairline! Then, continue to use both hands ring finger, to circle the action, in the eyes up and down very gently massage, always from the inside out, for two minutes.
3, to the mental relaxation. The inertia of the brain work makes you into a rigid state of the body. When your brain into the work force after fatigue, your facial expressions and body there will be some of the habits of deformation, so that your shoulder, cervical and lumbar strain easily hurt, your face, will also leave a lot of deep wrinkles, especially frown, curl one's lip movements and other habits of the damage to the facial features particularly obvious. Learn about activities at work about 40 minutes, climbing stairs, activities about body parts.
Freckles - your lack of love
Without the sun or pregnancy, after puberty you, you're in the city nor excessive ultraviolet region, but the small dark brown spots or in your face, and beyond the nose on both sides of the range. Have freckles because of your lack of female hormone secretion, and the United States Laning cells and over-active, so pigment deposition in the dermis, small spots appeared. When lack of love in your heart, the adrenal cortex hormones function will decline, so the skin will lose resistance, prone to rash, too easy. Freckles appear, in severe cases facial pigmented lesions.
Remove freckles:
1, diet surgery. Eat sweet potatoes and black sesame seeds, which are rich in fiber and vitamins, to reduce brown spots and freckles. If you often drink the sweet sesame soup, the better. Specifically: the sweet potato, peeled, cut into 3 cm long into the water. Then, warm the butter into the pot, medium heat fry the onion soft, add sweet potatoes, stir-fry until translucent. Then, then fried sweet potatoes and onions into the pot using a weak high over medium heat, and so sweet a soft, remove a small portion for decorations, the remaining broken into the container, add milk, salt and pepper. Finally, into the vessel, and put ornamental sweet potato and black sesame seeds.
2, try to find love. The best way to find love is to find a beautiful friends, beautiful women around common concerns are many, you will be conveniently slide down the social side increased, which certainly there are some people who admire you, such as he found the bright spot of your unique . But do not blindly start a relationship, it would be counterproductive.
Adult chicken pox - your upset
Although long past puberty, you got married, but your acne is never far away. You always fluctuate estrogen, never did an adaptation measure to the body. The reason is that your mental stress contributed to the activities of the sebaceous glands, skin oil. Terrible lack of sleep makes you a complete skin renewal and opportunity. In addition, the agitation of life so that your mood upset, resulting in endocrine disorders. The joint efforts of the three reasons, keep your skin problems.
Elimination of adult chicken pox:
1, diet surgery. Eat kelp, kelp is rich in mineral content, alkaline food, eat to regulate blood pH and prevent skin excessive secretion of oils and fats; eat more broccoli, broccoli is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and carotenoids, can enhance skin elasticity, helps to reduce the adult chicken pox.
2, learn meditation. Frankly, you do not cause acne because of improper use of cosmetics, it is difficult because of using the right cosmetics for acne problem has changed. Learn meditation may be more effective for you: you can imagine your body on the rise, floating in the blue sky, when the sky is a huge crystal ball, and continuously emits cool energy, and your body is continue to accept this energy.
Dull complexion - a show you are depressed
What problems you face are not, no acne, freckles, or wrinkles tablets abdominal fat, but, it seems the lack of a life. The face is not a life of light, but the eye seems to ill-defined black and white, glossy lip color is not enough. There is no doubt that your body is in healthy condition, or an unhealthy state. If no clear cause, depression may be your life, the reason bad looking. Decrease in appetite, decreased activity, breathing the case of short-sighted, have taken advantage of your metabolism slowing down.
Improve the complexion:
1, diet surgery. Eat honey. It can keep the skin red and shiny, as honey is known as "nature's most perfect nutritional food", containing a large number of easily absorbed amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates, comprehensive and rich in nutrients, eat the skin rosy and delicate, shiny.
2, the massage. Face water with a towel dry, scoop a spoonful of salt, pour in the palm of the hand, add a little hot water into a thick solution, then wipe the cleanser solution like times like wiping face (except eye), massage gently circle (hand efforts must be on the light because some of the salt crystals may not fully dissolved, the force will rub slightly wounded skin), wash with water after 30 seconds. After washing, you will find your clean and refreshing facial anomalies, and salt can make your skin smooth and delicate.


Secret Life of the five psychological fallacy

Pop psychology has become an important part of social life, many guide us through life's ups and downs, and some full of "fallacy" is the wrong perception about human nature synthesizer. Psychological fallacy of us will be fooled, because most of the fallacies are with our intuition, hunches and experience to match.
Fallacy I: vent anger for health
People think that inhibition of anger to vent anger more than health. This view can be traced back to ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, he found that watching tragedy helps to vent their negative emotions show, off anger.
Mass media has convinced us that anger is the devil, must pass the "blow", "escape the hearts of anger" to heal. Some of the popular therapy to encourage people angry scream, hit a pillow or throw the ball to the wall.
However, over 40 years of research shows that anger actually increase aggressive. In one experiment, after the pounding nails offended by others who vent their anger, become more than people who do not even mean to hit a nail. American psychologists Craig Anderson and Brad Mann's study shows that the Bush: playing violent computer games increase social situations in everyday people aggressive.
American psychologist Jill Littrell that: only put forward constructive solutions or been intended to reduce communication frustration, vent anger to be valid. Therefore, if the partner has repeatedly ignored because of your feelings and unhappy, and red will not improve the situation of the other roaring, but calm and resolute to express their dissatisfaction usually calm their anger.
Why is this fallacy is so popular? Perhaps because of wrath that it makes people feel instantly "cool", but most of the time, their anger will subside.
Second fallacy: non-poor students individualized
The "learning styles" enter the search engine, you will find dozens of websites, claiming that measured out in minutes for you to learn. This is a widely accepted view of the premise: When teaching and learning methods to match, the students can learn best.
In most educational theory and practice, this view has been regarded as a model, many best-selling books and workshops are celebrating the big plus point. However, studies show that the way students learn is difficult to reliably distinguish, mainly because they are often in different contexts very different shows.
Since the 70s of the 20th century, most studies failed to show "matching" teaching method can improve the quality of teaching, in most cases, failed to improve student scores. Instead, students are not considered a common way of teaching such as high expectations for students, providing them with motivation and skills to achieve goals get better.
As for the "matching" teaching method encourages students to avoid weaknesses in teaching, in fact, be counterproductive. In the long run, students need to learn to make up for shortcomings, rather than to escape.
Three fallacies: a positive attitude to cure cancer
Famous American television and radio talk show, Dr. 西瓦妮古德曼 health experts in the "capture (prevention) of cancer and other diseases, 9 Steps," a book that her cancer was caused because of her negative attitude subconsciously hate to be a woman, since the discovery of their own mentality is harmful to health, she had transformed into state of mind can have a "radiant health" treatment. Large number of books have also expressed a similar view: a positive attitude can stop cancer cells spreading.
Most women who survived cancer patients seem to agree. However, there was insufficient evidence to support the "Optimism is the savior of cancer," this view. Most studies of cancer risks and not be able to be found between stress or emotional contact.
American journalist and social critic Barbara Ellen Rick in "Truth: a positive attitude to promote erosion of the United States, the vicious," a book that questioned the mentality of the therapeutic effect. She also severely blame the so-called "cancer culture", this culture is forcing cancer patients believe that a positive attitude can cure them, or to retain their dignity. In contrast, patients with breast cancer Ellen Rick urged to adopt a "prudent realism" approach, rather than their own happiness hidden in camouflage exterior.
Fallacy of four: the older the more sad
U.S. survey shows that 65% of the psychology student that "the majority of old people all alone." And 64% of medical students agreed that "severe depression are more common in the elderly."
Early childhood, people came into contact with the various unreliable by the media portray older people. A study of the Disney children's film The survey found that 42% of the older characters have not optimistic, forgetful, and head in the clouds and other features. So do not recruit people to be seen in the movie image in young people is also very common.
The more young people to the older people do not predict happiness, but the survey shows that more elderly people than young people happiness. For 28,000 Americans a study shows that 1 / 3 of the 88 year-old man claiming to be "very happy", and the most happy people are also the oldest, aged 10 years for each additional, increased sense of well-being of the people 5%; 25 to 45 people between the ages of the highest rates of depression, among the happiest men over the age of 65.
Cognitive ability does not decline significantly with age. A study on the creative achievements in some subjects, many people are in their 50s or older when creating their best work.
Five fallacy: the face of inevitable death through five stages
Many mental and physical health experts, have memorized the Swiss-born psychologist Elizabeth 库布勒罗斯 "death experience five stages" theory, that people died when the process of transformation must experience the following:
Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.
According to this theory, when informed that he would die, we will first tell ourselves it is not true (denial); when they realized that this is true, they will become angry (anger); sought in vain again postpone the next death approaches, such as still alive to tell their own unfulfilled aspirations to complete a (bargaining); and then realize that is a step by step, after dying, you will feel very sad (depressed); eventually understand that this is the inevitable outcome, calm, peacefully accept (accepted).
Although the theory 库布勒罗斯 very popular, but it lacks scientific basis. Studies show that many people are dying to skip one or more 库布勒罗斯 defined stage, even in reverse order.
库 布勒罗斯 the theory is to seize the hearts of all men, perhaps because people feel it can not control the events have the ability to predict. Terrible experience of death is attributed to a series of well-defined stages, and finally down to calmly accept.
This view is gratifying. But in fact, the process of each man's death does not follow the same path as the trajectory of each person living are different.

Psychological Secret: Language of the "sleep effect"

One day, the boy suddenly met a girl out soon: "You are so beautiful, I love you." Suddenly the face of a boy's confession, the girl is very cramped --- "He is not on anyone say such a thing it? only know how long, ah, say so, the point is not too frivolous? "Still later, the boy again with praise and confession of the girl, the girl promised to do the boy's girlfriend.
Why do girls on the negative impression of the boy disappeared before it?
Language "sleeping effect"
Psychologists have found that no matter what the information, its credibility will change over time, and this is the language of psychology, "sleep effect" refers to a person after receiving a message, over time, memory of there, leaving only the content of information, other information around the information will be gradually fading.
Over time, the girl the boy the first time in the face of praise, the "Who" and "how to say" and "where to say" and so forth will be forgotten, but remain in the memory of the girl, "I like you, "" You are too beautiful, "and so these core words are very clear. These memories will bring pure joy and girls happy. When the boy praising girls again, she will think, "he had said so," and praise will not be easily forgotten. At this moment, she thought not, "said the man would still not reliable," but "I was flattered last man boast that he ah!" In this way, the girl gave the boy a good impression snowball increasingly greater.
People tend to remember those who could hear their own information
Some of the information for the memory to maintain information while others were forgotten phenomenon, Institute of Psychology, Professor Yin Wengang said, "the human brain will filter the information, people tend to remember those who could hear their own, and the people according to their own logic, the subconscious will to rationalize the information, which can lead to distortion of information. "
Yinwen Gang told reporters, who, at the emotional impact, especially when affected by strong emotions, will pay special attention to certain things. Because of this, people pay attention to the range will become narrow. Thus, people might be interested in some of the details I remember very clearly, while others are more important as the details will be completely ignored.
Psychological experts believe that use of the language of psychology, "sleep effect", that is, they boast boast, repeated praise, one might therefore like you, and you will therefore be endless benefits. Do not worry about the other mistake, depression put words of praise in my heart.
Praise others have the skills
First, the praise should come from heart, not to praise and praise. Although people like to listen to the words of praise, but not any of praise can make each other happy. Can lead to other good impression can only be those based on the fact that the praise they crave. Instead, you no basis without roots, hypocritical to praise others, he not only puzzled, but will think you're slick, sly, hypocritical. For example, when you see a homely lady, Want to said to her: "You're very beautiful." The other side will immediately identify what you said is against their hypocrisy matter to the words. But if you look at her dress, conversation, behavior, found that her stand out in these areas and sincere praise, she will be happy to accept.
Second, Commending the act itself, not praised the people. Praised the act itself, to avoid embarrassing confusion, bias, and encourage more of similar behavior.
Third, commended Be specific, realistic and not too much exaggeration, to be targeted. For example, "You are too beautiful," better to say, "This dress is so beautiful on you," said, "You're intelligent," as saying "how can you come up with a good way to do this", "Your work is very good "To better than" You're a good staff. "
Fourth, commended the timely, and not long later. Appropriate to praise others, often to obtain the best results. Particularly praised the people in public in a timely manner, the effect is better. However, publicly praised the others, must be decent, but not feel embarrassed to let those who are praised. If it is in the meeting praised the people, to let go a little more active, should receive the meeting praised the special effects. When people plan to do something meaningful, the beginning of the praise he decided to make achievements will inspire the middle of praise good for each other persistent efforts, praised the end result can be sure that the direction of further efforts to achieve "commended one, inspired a group of "effect.

15 early symptoms of cancer, do you know? part 2

Men and women should be noted:
1. Breast lumps. When women find the breast skin redness, lumps, will exceptionally careful. Non-lactating women, nipple retraction, and often out of the liquid, but also a bad signal. For men, if the breast skin wrinkling, shrinkage or asymmetrical nipples, nipple size and shape of changes, breast swelling, lumps appear, are inflammation of the performance of the nipple is breast cancer symptoms.
2. Pain. With increasing age, pain will increase. However, certain parts of the body and inexplicable pain for more than a week, find out the cause as soon as possible, because the reason the pain may be signs of cancer. For example, long-term pain is a symptom of colorectal cancer, chest pain may be caused by lung cancer, bone pain may be symptoms of cancer metastasis.
3. Lymph node changes. Experts point out that no matter which part of the body, especially the axillary lymph nodes or Jingbo appears, must not be taken lightly. If the lymph nodes is increasing steadily, more than 1 month, it is likely that the symptoms of breast cancer or brain cancer.
4. Fever. Fever usually caused by influenza, pneumonia, or inflammation caused by other, however, unexplained fever, it could be a dangerous sign. American Cancer Society, said the spread of cancer to other body organs, usually results in fever. Lymphoma, leukemia and other blood cancer also have a fever. Need to examine include: X-ray chest, CT scan, MRI and so on.
5. Weight inexplicably reduced. You can lose weight without strenuous indeed gratifying, but if neither increase physical activity within one month, was not any reduction of diet, body weight decreased by 10% but somehow, you should consult a doctor immediately. Sharp decline in body weight, anorexia, recurrent diarrhea and constipation are the most common form of lung, stomach, kidney cancer and colorectal cancer symptoms for women may also be hyperthyroidism.
6. Continued abdominal pain and with depression. If persistent pain and abdominal symptoms associated with depression, most likely with pancreatic cancer. Experts found significant relationship between depression and pancreatic cancer. Other symptoms include: jaundice or abnormal stool was gray.
7. Fatigue. In general, the feeling of fatigue, is a sign of cancer have been developed, but for leukemia, colon cancer and gastric cancer, it may be the early onset of fatigue. Cancer fatigue and general fatigue what is the difference? General fatigue rest will disappear, and no matter how off the fatigue of cancer, will find it difficult to improve.
8. Coughing. Unexplained persistent cough if more than 3-4 weeks, you should see a doctor promptly, it may be a sign of lung cancer or throat cancer.
9. Dysphagia. Long-term swallowing difficulties may be laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer and stomach cancer symptoms, it should be as early as possible chest X-ray or gastroscopy. The so-called dysphagia, generally refers to chest pain when eating, esophageal foreign body sensation, even if some people do not eat, food will feel like a wall of leaves, debris or grain-like material attached, will feel after swallowing the food under the food down slow, or even stay in the esophagus.
10. Skin changes. Mass or the sudden appearance of skin pigmentation, and changes significantly, may be a sign of skin cancer was observed after a few weeks should seek medical care immediately. In addition, both young and old, once a sudden hemorrhage or abnormal skin peeling off, it should see a doctor.
11. Abnormal bleeding. Blood in the stool in addition to hemorrhoids, the symptoms of colorectal cancer is likely to be necessary, should accept the colon cancer screening colonoscopy. In the elderly over the age of 40, in addition to women outside the menstrual period, such as painless hematuria or dysuria should be wary of bladder cancer or kidney cancer. In addition to colorectal cancer than blood in the stool, if tumor growth near the anus may also occur thinning stool, increased frequency and other symptoms, or even cause bowel problems.
12. Oral changes. Smokers should pay special attention to the oral cavity and tongue, white patches appear, which may be a precursor to oral cancer --- leukoplakia.
13. Indigestion. Men (especially older men) and women (excluding pregnancy) for a long time unexplained persistent indigestion may be esophageal cancer, laryngeal cancer, stomach cancer symptoms.
With the progress and development of medicine for cancer treatment has been expanded from a simple surgical treatment to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy and combination therapy in many ways, a lot of 5-year survival rate of malignant tumors has increased every year, and the quality of life also significantly improved the prognosis for most patients as healthy people can live a normal life, work and study. But these good results will depend on the treatment of cancer, early detection and standardized treatment.

15 early symptoms of cancer, do you know? part 1

Metabolism of human cells can easily excrete them into the waste is excreted, but may also under the action of the biotransformation enzymes so that they become directly induce mutations in the genetic material DNA material, the formation of cancer cells. Cancer cells reproduce rapidly dividing by the geometric factor, a change of two, two become four ... ... the ultimate formation of cancer mass.
However, this does not necessarily cause the body to produce tumors, only when the carcinogens into the body to a certain organ, damage cells and promote the mutation, the formation of latent cancer cells, cancer cells through the promoter elements necessary for the promotion, to the large population, and finally the development of cancer tumors. The current research found that the virus, mold, ray, chemical carcinogen diet is leading to the normal cells become cancerous carcinogens. According to the current level of medical diagnosis is to curb the threat of cancer on the best way of life is - early detection and early treatment. Therefore, no matter man or woman should be aware of in everyday life the subtle changes in their bodies, including the following details of the 15 be worth your attention -
Men should be noted:
1. Testicular changes. Testicular cancer-prone ages of 20-39 years. Monthly testicular self-examination should be men, including changes in testicular size, obvious swelling or shrinking mass appeared in the scrotum, scrotal pain such as falling, there are problems to be timely medical treatment. In particular, feel the scrotum bulge, which feel like put a coal briquettes, and more than a week, to Dr. Ma Shangzhao diagnosis. This is the most typical precursor of testicular cancer, the need for blood tests and scrotal ultrasonography.
2. Urination problems. With increasing age, male urination problems are becoming more popular, frequent urination, urgency or urine does not net much more common. If symptoms get worse, especially in urine have a strong sense of urgency, should guard against prostate cancer. Digital rectal examination should be done normally, the doctor will tell you whether prostatic hyperplasia, which is the main symptom of prostate cancer.
Women should be noted:
1. Distention. Many women believe that bloating is very common, no big deal. However, this may be symptoms of ovarian cancer. Continued swelling of the abdomen, had the pressure and pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, difficult or easy to eat with satiety, for several weeks, is likely to be a sign of ovarian cancer.
2. Irregular bleeding. Between the menstrual cycle, abnormal vaginal bleeding and urine of women bleeding easily be ignored. They are likely to be common gynecologic cancer, endometrial cancer --- a big sign, at least 3 / 4 of women have this symptom after being diagnosed suffering from endometrial cancer. The stool bleeding may be signs of colon cancer.


Six daily dirtiest things

1, not every day for underwear - underwear to wear one day, will stay above the waste of about 0.1 grams
Survey, 52% of women admitted that their underwear is not every day for the. Microbiologist Dr. Charles gba, day wear lingerie, will stay above the waste of about 0.1 grams, equivalent to approximately 100 million E. coli. These bacteria will be attached to the hands, wash your hands if you do not rub your eyes or go get something to eat, it will therefore infected with disease.
2, to pick up food off the eat - the food fell to the ground, the only bacterial contamination will be two or three seconds
More than 40% of women said they ate was just off the ground to pick up food. Kind previously called the "5 second rule," saying that as long as the landing of food picked up in 5 seconds eating is safe. The researchers pointed out that this argument would have caused great misleading. Experimental results show that food dropped on the floor, the only two to three seconds will be bacterial contamination. Therefore, all the food off the ground, should be immediately thrown into the trash.
3, barefoot fitness - may be infected with athlete's foot (known as "athlete's foot") or plantar warts
The survey found that 32% of the people are barefoot fitness, especially in dance aerobics or belly dancing time. Experts suggest that, when is best to wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Because the fitness of the foot will be a lot of sweat, damp environment most conducive to the growth of bacteria, these bacteria will be left behind by other people's feet on the floor, when your foot up, to be infected with athlete's foot (known as "athlete's foot") or plantar warts (plantar warts A).
4, brush your teeth before going to bed forget - the same bacteria that cause periodontal disease can cause problems with your heart
43% admitted they occasionally forget to brush your teeth before going to bed. Experts remind people in the sleep process, will greatly reduce the amount of saliva secretion, which kill bacteria in saliva is the main force. So, do not brush your teeth a chance, maybe it will cause oral bacteria to swoop in, the result is greatly increased risk of dental caries and periodontal disease. In addition, many studies have confirmed that the bacteria cause periodontal disease can also cause problems with your heart.
5, shower bath do not fight - the bacteria causes the body to sweat smelly, especially in the armpit and groin emissions sweat for a living
Survey, nearly 1 / 3 of women are not playing every day bath shower, but water rushing down it. Experts point out that taking a bath bath Da Buda, the best of your sweating under the circumstances. Smelly bacteria causes the body to sweat, especially the armpits and groin emissions sweat for a living. Khan for a long time, the light is red wash water is not clean, and will lead to bacterial retention, the longer the stay, one more "stinky."
6, do not wash hands with soap after using the toilet - when you wipe after using the toilet, the hands and the distance very close to the source of E. coli
Survey, only 38% of people wash their hands with soap after using the toilet, 2% of people wash their hands for more than 10 seconds. Experts said that when you wipe after using the toilet, the hands from the most recent E. coli source may lead to bacterial infection, if not soap, can not completely remove bacteria.

How to prevent recurrence of hemorrhoids, in winter

Relapse is that many hemorrhoids hemorrhoids cure hemorrhoids in patients with headache after the question, especially now that the dry cold weather, when the recurrence of hemorrhoids is very easy. This is not the same as hemorrhoids with the appendix, cut on the end of the story. Hemorrhoid surgery is not the law make ends meet, the recurrence of hemorrhoids will remain, especially some had no cure hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids cure has not recurred. Now try to understand the prevention of recurrence of hemorrhoids several coup it.
After surgical removal of hemorrhoids will not relapse? Almost all patients have this worry. Medical Practice has proved that it is possible to relapse after hemorrhoid surgery, but recurrence rate is still quite high. Because hemorrhoids is a vascular disease, were sitting in the long term, work stations, there is likely hemorrhoids, so this is not everything will be fine after surgery. Hemorrhoids surgery is just the removal of the original, if not pay attention to maintenance, rectum and anal canal in hemorrhoidal veins will often still bleeding, it is possible to generate new hemorrhoids.
So, how to prevent relapse and prevention of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids?
First, pay attention to food regulation. Doctors warn patients of hemorrhoids after the first is not to drink, whether it is rice wine, white wine, or beer, are considered taboo as well. Where the spicy food stimulation, such as mustard, pepper, chili sauce, ginger, green onions, garlic, fennel, etc., on the hemorrhoids have a great impact congestive hemorrhage, hemorrhoids, patients should eat or not eat as much as possible.
From the perspective of prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids, eat more fruits and vegetables many advantages. For example: spinach, celery, wild rice, watermelon, pears, bananas, apples, etc. (oranges to eat less, because the fruit is hot), on the one hand to maintain smooth bowel movements, on the other hand reduce bleeding hemorrhoids expansion.
Effective prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids a lot of health food, a turtle, turtle, pig or sheep intestines, snail, loach, honey, red bean, black sesame, walnut meat, bamboo shoots, Cistanche, Sophora japonica, lotus root, black fungus, carrot, fig and so on. Patients can be selected according to different seasons.
Hemorrhoid surgery patients should eat something light, eat greasy fried foods are overweight or smoke, eating the best time quantitative; eat eight full, not overeating, hunger and eat uneven, to prevent gastrointestinal disorders.
Second, develop good bowel habits, maintaining smooth stool. Constipation, dry hard, then when the effort to get it, abdominal pressure increased rapidly, so buckling expansion venous plexus, often causing rupture of hemorrhoids, anal skin laceration, there blood in the stool, and pain. Patients with constipation to refrain from over-straining on the toilet, it is timely medication bowel catharsis. On the other hand, also to prevent diarrhea, stool several times day, even if the injury will be thin, loose stools hemorrhoids. Meanwhile, the stool time not too long, then when the bad habit of reading newspapers to change. They had better clean the anus with warm salt water, improve local blood circulation, in addition to anti-hemorrhoids, advocating sitting barrel stool, due to pit position likely to cause hemorrhoids as well as rectal prolapse.
Third, adequate exercise, pay attention to changes in position. This is also an important method to prevent the recurrence of hemorrhoids, in addition to exercise, boxing, like the body of physical exercise, the need to strengthen the local functional training, anal contraction, also known as the "levator ani", that is self adjusting sphincter, contraction, relaxation anus, a charge was placed, each time the next fifty, about three minutes, once or twice a day. Can be done standing, but also sitting, lying down to do can be done anytime, anywhere. Others can not see, can feel good about themselves. Adhere to long to do, on the prevention of recurrence is very good. Engaged in sedentary, long standing, squatting for a long time to work, the best long-squatting for a long time to sit up and walk, and stood for a long time moving about at ease, and strive to work and rest appropriately, static and dynamic fit.
Fourth, people with high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis, heart disease, abdominal tumors, in patients likely to cause hemorrhoids, to take effective measures to timely treatment to prevent disease on the Canadian disease.
Fifth, once the bulge, and anal blood in the stool and other symptoms should immediately request an experienced practitioner for diagnosis and treatment of anorectal, do not lose the greater, adversely affected by illness.
Hemorrhoids to prevention, early detection and early treatment!

Female pelvic inflammatory disease induced by five factors

And classification of the causes of pelvic inflammatory disease
Female internal genitalia (eg, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, etc.) and the surrounding connective tissue, pelvic inflammation, they all referred to as pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic inflammatory disease caused by pathogens as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, anaerobes, and sexually transmitted pathogens such as herpes viruses, such as Chlamydia trachomatis and Mycoplasma. The main mode of transmission are: blood circulating through the lymphatic system spread, the spread upward along the genital mucosa and adjacent organs of direct spread of infection.
Sub-acute and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
A history of acute pelvic inflammatory disease with acute infection, abdominal pain, muscle tension, tenderness and rebound tenderness, accompanied by rapid heart rate, fever, purulent vaginal discharge a lot. Serious condition may have a high fever, headache, chills, loss of appetite, yellowish vaginal discharge a lot of flavored, abdominal pain, tenderness, lower back pain, etc.; have peritonitis nausea, abdominal distension, vomiting, diarrhea; the formation of pus expansion , may have lower abdominal mass and symptoms of local pressure stimulation, in front of the mass may have dysuria, urinary frequency, dysuria, etc., only after mass in the cause diarrhea.
Systemic symptoms of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and sometimes fever, fatigue susceptible, some patients appear as longer duration and symptoms of neurasthenia, such as insomnia, lack of energy, whole body discomfort. Lower abdominal bulge, pain, and lumbosacral pain, often tired after sexual intercourse, menstruation before and after the increase. As a result of chronic inflammation, pelvic congestion, menorrhagia, ovarian dysfunction occurs when menstrual disorders, blocked fallopian tubes adhesions can cause infertility.
Acute inflammation may cause diffuse peritonitis, sepsis and even septic shock and other serious consequences; chronic inflammation as long treatment, repeated attacks of normal work and life and health.
Five factors induced pelvic inflammatory disease
Special structure of the genitalia exposed parts of the female external genitalia are open, and deep in the pelvis and internal genitalia are interlinked, it is easy pathogens ascending infection resulting directly or indirectly caused pelvic inflammatory disease. Natural defense mechanisms of female genital easily damaged menstruation, childbirth, gynecologic surgery, excessive sexual activity and dirty, poor health habits, and so forth can make the female reproductive system are the original damage to the natural protective mechanisms.
Sex sex, and gay people too often likely to develop pelvic inflammatory disease. In addition, if sexual promiscuity, mutual cross-infection of certain specific diseases spread by having sexual intercourse, which resulted in the specific pelvic inflammatory disease incidence is relatively high. A large number of iatrogenic infection or long-term broad-spectrum antibiotics used, corticosteroids, antimetabolites application, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to increase the strength of various family planning, gynecological surgery and surgery can be decreased because of the patient's defenses are leaving the pelvis infection.
Other factors, tuberculosis, appendicitis, surgery, endometriosis, gynecological cancer and other diseases and factors that lead to pelvic inflammatory disease can easily occur.
Female pelvic inflammatory disease of connective tissue within and around the genitals, pelvic peritoneal inflammation occurs, inflammation may be confined to one area, you can also occur simultaneously in several parts can be divided into acute and chronic. Acute pelvic inflammatory disease mainly caused by the pathogen, clinical manifestations may be due to the severity of the size and scope are different. Patients often have fever, chills, loss of appetite and abdominal pain can also be associated with the digestive system, urinary tract symptoms. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease often fails to properly complete the treatment of acute pelvic inflammatory disease, patients with poor physical fitness, disease caused by the delay.
When body resistance is poor, the performance of acute attacks. Patients with obvious symptoms, menstrual increased and increased vaginal discharge; ovarian dysfunction may have a menstrual disorder; tubal infertility adhesions can cause obstruction.

Breast swelling reasons

There will be a part of the breast pain is affected by estrogen and progesterone stimulate breast relations, so that the breast swelling, pain and sometimes associated with nipple transparency of the secretions, typically occurs in this early period, and in the menstrual After disappearing. Some people from time to time in the throat, breast pain that does not necessarily have breast cancer, even if there is palpable breast lumps, not necessarily breast cancer. Because early breast cancer will have few problems of pain and other more obvious symptoms produced depends mainly on early stage breast self-examination and breast X-ray examinations to know. Unless the cancer has grown enough to violations of the chest wall around the nerves will be pain. So most of the sporadic breast pain is step by step, consult a doctor, do not have too much anxiety. Some swelling or lumps were diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, the breast tumors are benign, but it is also possible that the formation of the precursor of breast cancer: Fibrocystic breasts: This is the most common benign breast tumors, most occur in women over the age of 30, often on both sides of the breast and multiple, there will be pain and tenderness, premenstrual symptoms are more severe. Breast fibroadenoma: good hair around the age of 20 women, the breast will touch the lump, but do not have tenderness.
Duct enlargement: more than 40-year-old found in women on both sides of the nipple will secrete sticky liquid. Patients will be burning sensation, the areola area will be dull, palpation will find that under the curved enlargement of the areola duct. Chinese medicine has knowledge about the disease early, that women have premenstrual breast tenderness in with liver and kidney disorders, blood stasis and other factors, Chinese medicine, the possession of the breast is the stomach, the liver is the government nipple. Therefore, all breast hypoplasia or breast disease or atrophy, are modulating from the liver and stomach, according to different conditions prescribe the right medicine, and often will be good effect. 1) Chinese for "breast pain" and Differential Treatment: 1. Qi stagnation Most of these women have a history of poor emotional or excessive stress of life, in addition to breast nipple pain can not touch the outside, with irritability, chest, ribs throbbing, irritability, nausea, abdominal pain on both sides, menstrual folder blood clot color black, sexual disharmony, face a long black spot and so on. Treatment should be regulating liver qi and stomach, commonly used drugs have aggregata, turmeric, bergamot, white peony, blue, white technique, malt, Passepartout and so on. 2. Liver spleen wet Common symptoms of premenstrual breast pain, tenderness, obviously, lower abdominal pain with a sense of falling, poor appetite, weakness, easy to diarrhea, usually more than vaginal discharge, menstrual quantity pale and so on, treatment to the spleen qi dampness commonly used drugs have Poria, Atractylodes, yi, Magnolia, Toosendan, Albizia and so on. 3. Liver and kidney In addition to breast tenderness, such women often vexed hot outside, restless sleep, headache, dizziness, dysphoria hot, lips red, tongue easily ulceration, frail eat no fat, backache, knee weakness. Treatment should Kidney and Liver, commonly used drugs are Radix, Radix, habitat, Toosendan, Cyperus rotundus, white peony root, salvia, Zeeland and so on. Treatment of this disease should be sustained, taking the prime time in the beginning when premenstrual breast swelling medication until the pain disappeared after to, so the three menstrual cycles conditioning, most breast pain will be cured. It is worth mentioning that, breast tenderness, in addition to medication, the more important thing is to maintain optimism and avoid often angry or sulking, usually more exercise and participate in appropriate social activities, eating less salt in the week before menstruation and spicy food stimulation , pay attention to science diet, control of food high in fat, light meal, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, women with cyclical breast pain, low-fat diet can be used to relieve premenstrual breast tenderness, which together with medication will reach the maximum effect. 2) "breast pain" mainly in the following six types: 1. Puberty breast pain Generally 9 - 13 years old occurred at menarche, the pain will go away. Adolescent girls also the problems encountered ashamed? Experts tell you: the girl is so quietly mature. 2. Premenstrual breast tenderness There are many women in the breast fullness before menstruation, hair hard, tenderness of the phenomenon; severe vibration or impact the breast will be slightly uncomfortable pain. This is due to premenstrual estrogen levels increase, breast hyperplasia, breast tissue edema caused between. After menstruation, these changes may disappear. In fact, some degree of premenstrual mood often changes, for most women is a physiological change, which I do not think there is pain. However, some have more serious mental and physical symptoms for women and their husbands, their distress often recurring problem. These particular symptoms, the medicine called "premenstrual stress disorder." 3. Pregnancy breast tenderness Some women during pregnancy about 40 days, because of placental villi, a large number of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, resulting in increased mammary gland, and have breast pain, severe sustainable throughout the pregnancy without treatment. In early pregnancy, the breast will increase some, and will become solid and heavy number. There will be a full breast and tingling feeling. Dark yellow around the nipple areola small particles is particularly prominent. 30 years old pregnant women in the whole body will feel uncomfortable, including breast tingling and so on, some little tips can make your pregnancy more comfortable to live with. 4. Postpartum breast pain Postpartum 3 - 7 days often appear breasts fullness, induration, pain. This was mainly due to retention of the breast lymphatic, venous filling and interstitial edema and caused by poor breast.


Seven Eye Care Mistakes

Although the skin of the eye to it a little bit, but it should be noted that maintenance problem or with a lot of! The following is summed up by eye care Xiaobian 7 errors, do not want to premature aging of your eyes, then there must be watchful eye!
Error one: after 25 years of age need eye care
Correct interpretation: general skin began to decline after the age of 25, which is a natural decline, but we should not take 25 years as a strict dividing line, in fact, maintenance can take preventive measures before the age of 25, reduce the number of skin conditions. Eye on the vast majority of people, is essential, not simply based on age to determine whether the need to use eye care products, and according to skin type, climate, environment, etc. to decide whether and in what eye care products.
Myth: components can be used as a mild cream cream
Correct interpretation: instead of using cream eye cream is absolutely impossible! Some people think that fragile eye skin with cream is not as stimulating cream ingredients, but ingredients are not afraid of moderate nutrient cream, ah! Eye cream is a big deal more delicate, high point, and the price is expensive. They believe that the cream with reliable quality can replace the cream, nutrition cream so often as a cream applied around the eye. In fact, this is very unscientific, since the design itself, the composition of cream and eye cream is different from even the sensitive facial skin, skin and eyes is different, so the solution should use the special eye problems Eye Care products.
Myth: The more the amount of eye care products the better
Correct interpretation: eye skin conditions complicated, fine lines, relaxation, puffiness, dark circles, fat granule, such as different problems, so the development of eye care products are based on different characteristics of the eye. Nourishing eye relatively heavy texture of the product, not only can not use too much absorption, the opposite eye will become a burden on the skin and accelerate skin aging eye. The type of eye care products fresh dilution comparison, can be periodically coated with a thick layer of the eye SPA.
Myth: Only at night before going to bed eye care products
Correct interpretation: the use of eye care products and facial skin care products, as should be used sooner or later, instead of Xiangqilaijiu use, can not remember to do, or just before sleep at night with a fixed, it is not right. In fact, the day before makeup can help eye skin moisturizing cream, another layer of isolation, so that cosmetic products can also reduce damage to the skin of the eye.
Myth: Eye care products to cure wrinkles
Correct interpretation: In the field of cosmetic medicine today, acne, dark spots, wrinkles treatment is known as the three major problems. For the eye wrinkles, bags under the eyes and dark circles, the use of eye care products is the equivalent of "remedial measures", only you can prevent accelerated aging eye. Therefore, the wise woman should take preventive measures, in the absence of wrinkles on the use of eye cream.
Myth: Eye Care Eye only a
Correct interpretation: With the refinement and specialization of cosmetics, eye care products today is diverse and varied. More for different eye problems, different age and design of personal circumstances, as rich as other cosmetics. Therefore, according to their own environment, eye problems and seasonal buying.
Seven Mistakes: Cream is only used at the end of eye
Correct interpretation: the face is the eyes first appeared in the crow's feet wrinkles, so people often do use eye cream and wrinkles in the corner vertical massage. This is undoubtedly true, but the face is not the first corner of the eye relaxation area, but under the eyes, followed by the upper eyelid. So the first dark circles and bags under the eyes, sagging skin again. Old crow's feet in this region is not visible, but more fragile because of the accumulation of small and very conspicuous sudden appearance of aging, must be a preventive measure.
tips: to master the correct method of eye care
1, deep cleaning
If you often make-up, be sure to use the special eye removal Eye Makeup Remover, especially eyeliner and mascara, do not let cosmetic pigment infiltration in the skin gathered in the eye, it is easy to stimulate the skin of the eye, so each days must be clean.
2, and gently massage
Step 1: the middle finger and ring finger at the light placed on the upper eyelid, gently slipped from the nose and parts of the temple, Rouan temples, were done three times.
Step 2: Repeat the above steps, then pulled way to do twice, and then the middle finger and ring finger for the lower eyelid, repetitive movements, a total of twice.
Step 3: Use eye cream, points around the eye, repeat all steps of the action, the method changed to press three times to do.

How to correct myopia in children with congenital strabismus?

For some genetic diseases are often a headache for parents, the father suffers from strabismus, son actually is, my mother eyes, astigmatism, daughter too, this is a frustration for parents, for this genetic eye problem should be how to deal with it? Listen to Children's Hospital the following recommendation of the Director of Ophthalmology Kim Ji:
Kobayashi is the astigmatism, and accompanied by strabismus, because parents do not attach importance to a child, his eyes never heal. Until they grow up, realize their own crowd, go to the hospital had missed treatment opportunity, this, Kobayashi extremely regrettable. Kobayashi later married. Learned that his wife was pregnant, he is very worried that after the birth of a child is afraid of astigmatism, strabismus. Scared to go with his wife survived a hard nine months, baby finally comes out, can be counterproductive, the child is astigmatism.
Because of his "warning", the couple from Wenzhou Kobayashi son is coming with provincial child protection director Kim Ji Here, Director Kim Ji help small positive.
Small is a high degree of astigmatism, left eye is 150 degrees astigmatism, right eye has reached 400 degrees, since the left and right eye vision imbalance, the children used to do mainly with the left eye observation of the eye, there have been strabismus problems.
Strabismus is a common childhood disease usually refers to the eye position is not correct, what we often call a "cross-eyed" or "dirty looks", from the appearance that we can clearly see the two incongruous: a look ahead to the other eye side view. Over time, the side will result in strabismus amblyopia. On the other hand, not with the eyes to see things, see things that no three-dimensional sense, common sense will be affected, such as when climbing stairs in front of a flat road, the chances of falling.
Little is time to wear glasses, and with the amblyopia treatment and intensive training. Astigmatism has been corrected, amblyopia is also cured. Slowly, strabismus also corrected the over, and now, small is the eyes look perfectly normal, this couple is very pleased to Kobayashi.
Director Kim Ji said many parents think that strabismus only affect the child's appearance, after he grows up to be a minor nature will be good. In this regard, she stressed that this concept is absolutely wrong. Once the parents found the child suffering from strabismus, early diagnosis and treatment should be, otherwise it will create intractable amblyopia and lack of three-dimensional.
So when is the best time for treatment of refractive problems? Kim Ji ,3-5-year-old director said, is the sensitive period of visual development, even after this age strabismus resolved through surgery, it can only play a cosmetic effect.
Director Kim Ji advised parents at the age of the child to the hospital for a couple of regular eye examinations, in kindergarten, it should be checked once each semester. In addition, parents should teach kids to identify the vision statement, in general, the three-year-old child, already confirmed by visual check to the table whether there is vision disorders. If the pre-school children have found oblique amblyopia, through timely and proper treatment, usually can be cured.
In addition to oblique amblyopia, as well as congenital cataracts, ptosis, conjunctivitis and other eye diseases need early detection and treatment. "Congenital cataract in children 3 months to -6 months to surgical treatment, if more than 6 months, vision loss is inevitable." Director Kim Ji said.
For some genetic problems can be seen, only early detection and early treatment, and for children at an early stage of see things like a normal person can not be blind to delay the treatment time to prevent delays during the child's best treatment!

Food additives damage the kidneys

The vast majority of consumers probably do not know, our eyes supermarket shelves in the end to shop the number of hidden secrets. Let us conduct a survey in all the supermarket shelves it, expose the secret that the food industry! They are not only looted the expectations of people, money and most importantly, they also looted the health!
Do not represent the true health of skim
If you want to know the food industry insider, then go to the supermarket's candy area were born. There, you will also see the "fat" message, while the supermarket is also based on this point as their marketing strategy. However, these non-calorie junk food is almost all sugar and processed carbohydrates made.
For example, the aforementioned "skim" candy, manufacturers hope is that when customers see the "fat", you will see this as a "health", "no fat" food, so to completely forget these foods contain sugar. This is a strategy of distraction: the food company's advertising will only show that they want you to notice one side, while the supermarket candy area is only the beginning.
Figures can also be deceptive
Jasmine tea in a bottle of sugar on the bottle, you will see a table in the packaging of the content of such words: "sugar content of less than 4%." Honey jasmine tea in the packaging, only that containing white sugar, and not that much content, it can not be as much benefit to your health. Especially those suffering from diabetes.
In fact, the so-called semi-fat cheese does not exist
So-called semi-fat cheese in the end is what kind of food do? When you get to know the future, you will pay the money for the big disappointment: Each tablet contains 100 grams of plain cheese 26 grams of fat, energy 1300 kJ, The half-fat cheese slices 12 grams fat, 1049 kJ of energy. Why not marked on the calorie nutritional content of the table, actually, full-fat cheese and half fat calories will not differ too much. So, you want to how many grams of calories to digest it?
"Heart-healthy" cereals, sugar content and a lot of
Even if the product has far exceeded the amount of sugar can still qualified. The food industry will not let you know, food companies have to pay to get their products approved AHA.
Hiding in the shelves of food trans fatty acids
In the supermarket aisles filled with a variety of health hazards of trans fatty acids foods. The worst snacks is popcorn bag, each containing 6 grams of trans fatty acids, a bag is actually three copies, so it is equivalent to eating 18 grams consumed trans fatty acids, and the human body up to a day under 2 grams of trans fatty acids. Buy spherical puffed food before it carefully the nutritional content of the table.
So-called "high calcium food", the true meaning of what is
There is no doubt the same food in the supermarket, any trademark, you can see this slogan: The product is containing one or more vitamins or minerals, high quality supplements. But you need to know is this: the so-called quality of a vitamin or mineral supplements, each nutrient contained in only 10% of daily demand.
Take calcium soda crackers, for example, the label says: "high calcium" word, for every 100 grams of biscuits 300 mg calcium. The Pacific soda crackers, and the words did not play high calcium per 100 grams of calcium is 320 mg.
Bottled drinking green tea is not as healthy as you think
The polyphenols in green tea called catechins, it is a fight against the disease to healthy antioxidants. However, almost no shelf labeling of green tea catechins.
Is not marked "do not add sugar," do not have to worry about diabetes
Study found that cereals contain carbohydrates raise blood sugar faster than sugar. In some cereal packaging clearly and simply says "no added sugar", but its nutritional table, each 100 grams of product as high as 76.8 g carbohydrate.
Food additives can damage your kidney
The researchers found that food colorings and preservatives and children have a certain relationship between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Are prevalent in many packaged foods including yellow 5, yellow 6, red 40 and sodium benzoate additives. However, what is the cause of ADHD because the composition of these chemicals, or a single one of the researchers is unclear. Rainbow sugar contains yellow 5, yellow 6, red 40, pigment, and some soft drinks containing sodium benzoate is.
Team will make you long checkout to buy more stuff
The survey found that "trapped" in long checkout team people around the shelves to buy candy and soda 25% higher chance. The survey found that exposure to the temptation in front of customers more, they can not afford the more likely the test of these temptations. This is well explained in the supermarket, why some, like milk, bread, eggs daily so some of the more goods will be placed in the corner on the list, because it would force customers to go through so many other temptations buy these foods.
Meat processing industry will not let you know that higher sodium content in meat
The reason: the fat was cut off at the same time, the loss of juices also will be lost. Therefore, in order to make the meat look plump and juicy, some vendors will be to pork, beef and other meat into the water, salt, and other chemicals can increase the flavor. And this will greatly improve the lean meat in the sodium content.
For example, a 113 grams of salt had no injection of fresh boneless tender turkey, the sodium content is 55 mg in one and the same weight but 30% of the saline injection roast turkey, the sodium content is as high as 840 mg.
Calorie restriction is actually a small package "blackmail" the customer
Study found that, regardless of the packaging or multi-packaging cookies or potato chips, its weight is the same. This is the key point: people buy cookies and potato chips are the same weight. Society made its own problems of course, but there are more hidden secrets: food companies will sell you double the price of the same weight of snacks. In a pay, think about, is not worthy of your wallet.