Woman in winter 6 small coup detoxification regimen

Cold and windy in winter, many people like dwelling on the Internet at home, watch TV, not knowing that this time has accumulated a sufficient body of disease causing "toxins." Detoxification is particularly important, Xiao Bian teach you ,today, a small coup winter detoxification regimen to help you discharge these adverse factors.
1, fibrous foods
Fiber foods with detoxification, eating can help to eliminate toxic substances accumulate. Its mechanism of toxic substances absorbed by the small intestine before the food can be attached to the fiber, with the stool, thus reducing the cumulative effects of toxins. Common fiber foods are brown rice, vegetables, and fruits.
2, green bean soup
Mung beans can lower cholesterol levels, protect the liver, the role of allergy prevention. Bean is rich in vitamin B group, protein, magnesium and other ingredients, often Helvdoutang can help expel toxins, and promote the body's metabolism. Autumn and winter, green bean soup is also detoxifies share.
3, drink plenty of water
Two liters of water every day to ensure, to the discharge of urine through a lot of toxins, reduce the burden on the kidneys. There is also the best time to drink water stress. Morning when the water can not only add enough water to the body, but also can promote the excretion of toxins. Around 3 pm is the Chinese believe that the most active time of the bladder nerves, drink plenty of water. 21:00 is the body's immune system is the most active time, this time to replenish moisture can promote the recovery of human immune system, regenerative cells and other physiological functions.
4 sweet potatoes
Winter to eat meat too much or eat too much swallowed air, easy to accumulate a number of emissions, these emissions will cause a lot of the human body does not respond, like the presence of spots, acne, abdominal distension, particularly the accumulation of excessive intestinal gas can cause cancer . Sweet potato contains a lot of food fiber, which contains glucosides components can stimulate the stomach to speed up motility, promoting defecation exhaust.
5, yam
Chinese yam mucilage solution is the basis of the synthetic estrogen substances, greater pressure on the work and study of women with good health effect. Yam also contains arginine spleen lungs effect. Yam contains a soluble fiber diet help control and improve the digestive system.
6, vinegar
Studies show that vinegar is rich in amino acids, glycolytic enzymes and a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, drinking diluted vinegar can promote intestinal peristalsis, lower blood lipids, treatment of habitual constipation, and without any side effects. Long-term use, can be beauty treatment, complete cure constipation.


Drink plenty of water can ease the sorrow

A person's mental state is determined by the hormone. For example, the brain created by the EP can make a person produce a pleasure, a satisfying and easy to enjoy. Endorphin in the most famous 5 - serotonin is known as the "happy hormones."
The adrenaline is often called "pain hormones." Whenever we get angry or intimidated, they will secrete adrenaline. There is also a hormone called melatonin, secreted it in before going to sleep and night to make one drowsy, listless. When a person is depressed, this will increase the number of substances.
Interestingly, the human brain in charge of two different hemispheres were happy and depressed mood. Left hemisphere is stored in a good mood; while the right hemisphere is stored, such as depression, despair and frustrated with the bad mood. Physiologists believe that a person deliberately to increase as long as the "happy hormone" secretion, excretion from the body "pain hormones", will become more happy. Secretion of adrenaline people, usually in a stress, such as with the family quarrel, reprimanded by the boss or angry due to the naughty children. In this state of mind of the brain, confusion, trembling hands and feet, and sometimes cry.
Encountered such a situation how to do it? Adrenaline as you can with the poison from the body, one way is to drink plenty of water. You can also engage in sports and physical, like running, moving furniture, so that hormone along with the discharge of sweat. Or cry, part of the adrenaline will be discharged along with the tears.
Melatonin can make people depressed, but it will be destroyed in the sun. So in addition to the above method also recommended that people more than the sun, so you can maintain a high mood.

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Apple allows you to unexpected therapeutic effect of the four

You may know that eating fruit is good for health, but for Apple these unexpected effects, you would never have guessed! Regulate radiation, help breathing, so that revitalize the scalp, and even weight-loss ... ... start today a healthy diet, an apple a day it!
1. Adjust the radiation
At home, do a green apple mask their own right. Apple has the role of pay, and which has a smooth skin with the acid effect, learning about it!
Specific methods:
Put a green apple skin into a blender, add 1 / 2 cup green grapes cut into thin slices, a tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 / 4 cup aloe vera juice, stirring continuously, until the formation of thick paste.
Apply the paste in the face, neck, collarbone and other exposed parts, wash with warm water after 15 minutes.
Apply a small amount before applying coating to the face or neck, which ensure that the skin does not have a material adverse reactions.
2. To help breathing
Think about it before the next Xiaoping Guo - apple is rich in antioxidants called quercetin can protect your lungs from pollution damage.
St. George's Medical School in London, a study showed that eating at least five apples a week of people better lung function than those who do not eat.
So, from now on, an apple in the lunch program Riga it.
3. To revitalize the scalp
Use apple cider vinegar, dandruff to say goodbye. "Vinegar healing," the author Cal Orey tell us that one kind of apple cider vinegar to remove bacteria that cause dandruff production.
Try to do so:
Wash the scalp, directly down a few key apple cider vinegar, and then massage until absorbed, for a minute, and finally clean.
4. Slimming
Applesauce substitute cake made with half the butter or oil, then this dessert will naturally be sweeter, more slippery and less fat.
Jam fat-free, no cholesterol, and fiber content of a cup of jam containing the equivalent of a cup of brown rice.


How early detection of mild depression? How to troubleshoot depression?

   According to my observation that everyone has more or less depression, but the impact of different degrees of life are different.
The majority of patients with depression in the light of depression, patients in this part of the social and psychological factors, but with the potential risk of suicide. Because patients with mild symptoms of depression relatively minor, often not taken seriously. Until the symptoms, the disease has also been developed to a serious stage, it is often more complex treatment.
So, how can early detection of depression, it? What depression is often light performance? Clinical experience suggests, the following expression may be related to mild depression, and if the performance of long-standing, more should be wary of, the patient should go to a regular hospital to check the spirit of medical specialties in order to avoid the further development of the disease, and even accidents.
Unexplained illness is often accompanied by minor depression patients a wide range of physical symptoms such as headache, back pain, limb pain, back pain, etc., but for unknown reasons, the hospital could not find organic disease. In some cases, unexplained abdominal distension, diarrhea, anorexia, nausea and stomach discomfort, or there is inexplicably a palpitation, palpitations, and involves various body systems and organs of the discomfort, although a variety of test were abnormal , but the patient will be suspicious, especially the suspect had a serious illness, it is difficult to continue to release its examination doubt.
Always feel "too tired to live" in the early part of the depression patients will feel depressed, unhappy, feeling too tired to live. Such sentiments also appear in the normal human body, but patients with depression but it will endure. Some patients excited about the performance of "callous", for example, do not you excited about experiencing happy, but a little brush has meaning, it will anger, expressed as a touch angry, easily irritated, sensitive, suspicious, stubborn, always feel liking.
Felt life "does not mean" delight of life, some patients often feel dull, moan and groan all day, or felt "aggrieved" at every turn to tears, and even recurrent suicidal thoughts and behavior. Some patients have mild "unworthiness", since that social, family, friends and relatives not to contribute, have a "no use" of the blame on themselves, no confidence in life, dislike participating in group activities, like being alone .
Sometimes manifested as fatigue, weakness, unresponsiveness, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, thinking difficulties.
Like neurasthenia appear in some patients with refractory insomnia and early awakening and other sleep disorders, forgetfulness, fatigue, headache and other symptoms. That some patients tend to be diagnosed as "neurasthenia." In addition, patients can also be a variety of uncomfortable feeling, as there will not understand the emptiness, fear, loneliness and forced flu.
Reference method for troubleshooting depression: 1, to seek help when needed, do not endure in silence. 2, step by step. 3, the event will be split into small pieces, one only one. 4, take part in useful activities. 5, depression, concern about their own thinking and ideas. 6, typical of depression to identify those concepts, with particular attention to your evaluation of yourself, identify your own way. You have to beware of internal torment, because it only makes you get stuck and can not help you get rid of depression. 7, write down your ideas in order to better clarify it. 8, note to identify the subject you are depressed (eg, seeking agree, shame, unhappy relationships, unrealistic ideals, perfectionism), to find them after the challenge. 9, the use of rational / compassionate way of thinking to challenge their ideas, the more you identify with them, to give up think they are bad, not the concepts of value, the more likely you are to recover from the illness. 10, challenge negative perceptions and establish new patterns of behavior. Of frustration and failure to do adequate psychological preparation


Ten least healthy lifestyle

First, the water shortage: long-term water deficiency can lead to brain aging; induced cerebral vascular and cardiovascular diseases; of kidney metabolic function, thereby reducing life expectancy.
Health practice: a day to ensure adequate water and wash the toilet. (Knowledge: How much water should drink each day? What is the best time to drink?)
Second, do not eat breakfast: morning and did not eat seriously Shang Wei, so that you can not work full of energy, but also easy to "show their age."
Researchers at the University of Erlangen in Germany in the long-term follow 7,000 men and women found that those who do not eat breakfast habits accounted for 40%, and they live longer than the remaining 60% of people reduced by an average of 2.5 years. While the other 80 universities in the first 90-year-old study found that older people, their longevity in common is this: eat a good breakfast.
Health practice: try to make delicious breakfast foods, appetizers; have sufficient quantity and good quality; small size, high heat; preparation saves time and effort; to pay attention to the choice of food with a dry thin, both meat and vegetables.
Third, the dinner was too rich: the evening of insulin in the blood content of the peak day, insulin allows glucose into fat in the blood vessel wall and the abdominal wall condensation, and too rich to eat dinner, over time, people will fat up. Also, the duration of a sumptuous dinner is usually long, but also undermine the body's normal biological clock, people are likely to suffer from insomnia.
Health practice: first, to eat dinner earlier, can greatly reduce the incidence of urinary tract stones. Second, elements of eating dinner. Dinner must be partial elements, in particular, should be more intake of some fresh vegetables, try to reduce excessive protein intake of fatty foods. Third, the dinner to eat less. Dinner by the general requirements of heat supply to no more than the total calories a day diet of 30%.
Fourth, eating too fast: eating too fast, the food is not adequately chew food and the mouth is not conducive to the initial salivary amylase digestion, increase the burden of gastroenteritis; chewing time is too short, the vagus nerve is still excitement over the long run, easy to hyperthyroidism due to loss of appetite and obesity.
Health practice: a daily meal adhere slowly, every mouth chewing food than usual population of 5-10. (Related to knowledge: to lose weight when eating slowly)
Fifth, fruit as a staple: a prolonged period, will result in a lack of protein and other substances in the body, malnutrition, nutritional imbalance, or even cause disease.
Health practices: daily life, should follow the principle of a balanced diet, not only the fruits and vegetables as a staple food, each meal as a staple food of rice or pasta is indispensable.
VI separated from raw food feast: it can easily lead to a variety of parasitic diseases.
Health practice: 1, proper control of raw food. 2, the daily consumption of fresh vegetable juice and fruit juice. 3, eat fruit, raw food, and eat cooked food, does not appear the phenomenon of white blood cells increased.
VII, excessive intake of alcohol consumption: large or regular alcohol consumption, the liver will occur alcoholism Erzhi inflammation, swelling, affecting the reproductive, urinary systems.
Health practices: we have to first learn how to drink to drink. From a health perspective, drinking red wine is superior. After two o'clock every afternoon drinking safer. Because the decomposition of the morning of the stomach --- alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme alcohol concentration is low, drink the same amount of wine, more easily absorbed than the afternoon, the liver, brain and other organs cause greater damage. In addition, fasting, before going to bed, when a cold or emotion should not be drinking. A weight of 60 kg a day to allow the amount of alcohol intake should be limited to 60 grams. View from the metabolism of alcohol, the best side dish when push more protein and foods containing vitamin, do not use salted fish, sausages, bacon drinks, smoked and preserved foods as such contains a lot of pigment and nitrosamines, and alcohol occurred reaction, not only liver injury, and damage to oral and esophageal mucosa, and even induce cancer.
Eight, ate too much barbecue: the meat directly on the grill under high temperature, is broken down on the fat droplets in the charcoal, and then with the meat proteins, it will produce a carcinogen called benzopyrene. This substance the greatest impact on the human body is its strong carcinogenicity and mutagenicity.
Health practice: do not eat the best barbecue, who are able to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Also eat, why not choose health? (Related article: easy to induce cancer often eat barbecue smoke toxicity equivalent)
September, postprandial smoking: smoking a cigarette after a meal, poisoning, smoking ten cigarettes is greater than the sum of normal. Because people in to eat after the stomach and intestines to strengthen the blood circulation of the body to absorb smoke when the ability to enter the "best" of toxic substances in smoke enter the body more easily than usual.
Health practices: the case of cigarettes, to quit to have to quit because smoking is detrimental to the human body without a profit.
Ten, addicted to drink coffee: the harmful effects of coffee, addicted to drinking a lot. 1, lower pregnancy rates. A cup of coffee per person per day, the pregnancy rate is likely to fall by 50%. 2, vulnerable to heart disease. Coffee contains a high concentration of caffeine, can change in heart function and to increased cholesterol in the blood vessels.
Health practice: drink less, and more outdoor exercise.

Sophie Marceau 4 major weight-loss secrets unveiled

Sophie Marceau has been selected as "the eyes of the French men's sex goddess." Sophie Marceau is like a myth, because of its age or whether it is birth, can not wear her angel face and devil body. Let us take a look at Sophie Marceau's weight-loss tips, right ... ... Sophie Marceau thin one count: Eat less omnivorous, adhere to exercise "I eat anything, just eat much." This is the only principle of eating Sophie Marceau. Like all French people, she loves wine and chocolate, but she was well able to control intake. In addition, Sophie Marceau exercise habit from childhood, so never worry about the weight. Sophie Marceau total weight of the two: a healthy lifestyle "I think a healthy lifestyle is important, and should have the space to relax, especially in terms of diet, should not be too modest. In Paris, like every skinny person is a bit neurotic. I have always felt that if they can eat a little more happier than now, is not it? " Sophie Marceau total weight of the three: skin care using the most simple way Sophie Marceau never make in their daily lives, but because often the interview, she would carry a small bag, the bag only a few simple cosmetics. Sophie Marceau is almost never used lipstick, she said: "I feel my lips do not need the extra color." Sophie Marceau daily skin care program is simple: she first wash with soap and water, and then coated with a little texture gentle moisturizer or olive oil to keep skin moist. Sophie Marceau thin total of four: French kiss If you've seen the film starring Sophie Marceau, you will find she is a "French kiss" master. You know? "French kiss" in addition to allowing you to his distraught Shenmi, it also has the following magic:
"French kiss" to prevent dental plaque and caries. Scientists found that people kissing a lot of mouth secrete saliva, and saliva contains large amounts of calcium and phosphorus, can protect teeth from termite bite, but also reduces the risk of gum disease gingivitis. "French kiss" can help you lose weight. Scientists have discovered that as long as the kiss 3 times a day, each time less than 20 seconds, you can quickly lose a full one pound of fat.
"French kiss" can also help you beauty. A "French kiss" allows you to fully exercise the facial muscles, and then let your blood circulation, make your facial skin becomes more smooth.

Healthy lifestyle, eight note

   The so-called "lifestyle", it simply is how life is defined by certain people to long-term national cultural, economic, social customs, norms, and family influence the formation of a series of awareness of life, living habits and life systems combined. Healthy life depends primarily on their own. World Health Organization (WHO) told the world that an individual's health and life depend on their own 60% and 15% depending on the genetic, 10% depend on social factors, and 8% depending on medical conditions, and 7% depending on the climate impacts; and depends on the individual factors in the way of life is the main factor. Good lifestyle can promote human health, on the contrary, it will endanger human health. Currently, in China, the main threat to life and health of people from the past infectious diseases to chronic non-communicable diseases. Medical workers through a large number of repeated studies have shown that: unhealthy lifestyles and behavior, unscientific is the most important causes of morbidity. If our scholars to study the four form factors in the cause of death in the ratio, the result is a lifestyle and behavioral factors accounted for 48.9%, 17.6% of environmental factors, biological factors accounted for 23.2%, 10.3% health service factors. Therefore, establishing civilized, healthy and scientific way of life, to overcome and eliminate bad way of life is very necessary. World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima pointed out: "We must recognize that the vast majority of the world's health problems and premature death is by changing people's behavior to prevent, and cost very little." Thus, in 2000 the World Health Organization proposed a "reasonable diet, quit alcohol limit, psychological balance, physical exercise," the new guidelines for health promotion. The light of foreign experience of the health sector, bringing together the majority of our views of health experts, combined with China's characteristics, concluded that we should implement a healthy lifestyle is to be "Eight Note": a reasonable diet and regular living, to ensure that sleep , work and rest, sexual harmony, quit alcohol limit, regular exercise and psychological balance. First, reasonable diet: effects on human health and life by many factors, and diet is an important aspect. Medical experts believe that nutritional deficiencies and nutritional imbalances are the result of the important causes of many diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, gout, cancer, etc., are all related and dietary imbalance. The nutrients needed by the body over more than forty kinds, can be divided into seven categories, namely: protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals (including the major elements and trace elements), vitamins, dietary fiber and water, protein, fat and carbohydrate in the metabolic process can produce heat, which they referred to as "the three heat nutrients." Each of seven categories of nutrients that a special role both to complete their commitment to the task, but also constitutes a reasonable and scientific system of basic nutrition, nutrition of the whole process of coordination and cooperation in jointly complete the regulation of human life and the sacred mission of physiological activities. Balanced diet is to a reasonable proportion of the various types of food and mode of composition in accordance with mutual benefit, provide a comprehensive, balanced and appropriate nutrients. This is the core of rational nutrition requirements. Balanced diet is a scientific and reasonable diet, this diet provides energy and various nutrients, not only comprehensive and food supply and the body's nutritional needs must be balanced, neither excess nor lack of, while a variety of nutrients to maintain the appropriate ratio between each other rather than with the disorder, and can take care of different age, sex, physical condition and the circumstances under special conditions, so that can achieve nutritional balance between supply and demand. According to national conditions of China Nutrition Society, has developed dietary guidelines, the principles include: "Food should be varied, hunger and eat to be fit, grease in moderation, thickness to match, to limit salt, sweets to eat, drink to moderation, three meals a day to and reasonable. "if the long-term compliance with these principles, we will be able to achieve a reasonable nutritional requirements. Second, the law of living: living, mainly referring to rest, but also a variety of arrangements, including activities of daily living. Medicine believes that one of the reasons of human longevity is "living there often." "Nei Jing" says: "The Gu Zhiren, its know who ... ... eat drink and restrained, living there often, workers do not make any rash, it can form both with God, and do the end of their natural life span, is to go a hundred degrees ";" living free section, so fifties and bad of it. " Some from the modern experience of the elderly live longer, have a daily routine of the system meet the physical requirements, a regular habit of good living, is an important experience in health and longevity. Today, scientists are more convinced by the body's various physiological activities and nature activities, the existence of biological rhythms that are closely related to the "biological clock." Therefore, our daily life must be "permanent," and insisted on time and rest, daily rest reasonable arrangements to maintain a healthy lifestyle, adhere to a regular way of life as possible, work, study, rest, sleep and other activities to maintain a certain law , the changes do not violate laws of human physiology, and activities with the laws of nature to adapt, conform to the requirements of the biological clock. This is to ensure the health, longevity and the importance of health promotion. Third, to ensure sleep: Sleep is a human life is an important part. Person's life, 1 / 3 of the time spent in sleep, good sleep to restore strength, increase intelligence, to ensure that health is very important. There is no health without sleep. Sleep is the body of important physiological functions of self-protection. Sleep not only make the body a rest, recuperate, but also enables the mind to rest and restore brain. Sleep, the autonomic nervous system can focus on completion of digestion and absorption of nutrients and energy into reserves, and other work. Certain endocrine function become more active when deep sleep, such as growth hormone, melatonin increased the release of other immune system can also be strengthened in sleeping. By sleep, people can get heart and soul of rest, recovery and adjustment. Scientists believe that if you want health, we must reassess the role of sleep on health. Fourth, work and rest: moderately intense work is conducive to health, and excessive fatigue are detrimental to health. A recently published scientific report shows that over a long period of tension can be a lethal effect on human health. British scientists Beveridge he said: "excessive fatigue in the pursuit of death." If a long period of fatigue, not only reduces efficiency, but also induced disease. Because long-term stress causes excessive excessive release of catecholamines in vivo, easily lead to high blood pressure, cardiovascular atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, neurasthenia, peptic ulcer and other diseases, especially in people with hypertension and coronary heart disease If the spirit of the more dangerous over-stress, are likely to cause myocardial infarction, stroke, or even cause "death from overwork", "death from overwork" no cure for this disease can only be prevented. Therefore, we in today's fast developing economy, intense competition in the market an unprecedented era of intense work in the fast-paced life, we must pay attention to any work, attention to the health of law and good health. This tension can only improve the efficiency of work, but also the production of disease prevention, to have both career and health purposes. The ancients said: "The civil and military of the Road, a relaxation." String child stretched too tightly, they snapped, we can not do stupid things just sheets did not relax. "Lenin said:" Who will not rest, whoever does not work. "Want to do more work for the community to contribute more, of course, is a good thing. But to respect science and cherish health, long term and must not fight consumption, engage in tactical fatigue "overdraft" health, it is worth the candle. Fifth, a harmonious sex: World Health Organization expert said: "Over the years, the medical profession of love to combat neglected diseases, longevity and fitness is an important factor, it is very regrettable." Many researchers believe: whether sex is One sign of health, sexual thoughts and feelings of human beings constitutes an important part of its special is a huge health impact. Harmonious sexual life of both spouses can maintain a healthy body and mind, love will help health and longevity, make each other happy Love is a kind of physical health and longevity of endocrine metabolic substances such as hormones enzyme, acetylcholine. According to Japanese Ministry of Health statistics: love happy couples to divorce, compared with men shorter average life expectancy of 12 years, a short 5-year-old woman, widowed, then the probability of death due to illness 10 times higher than their peers over their illness through a divorce rate of people Love happy people than 12 times higher. Modern research has proved that a normal sex life can enhance immune function, relieve pain, disease, relieve tension, regulating psychological balance, to promote physical and mental health effects. Sexual health is necessary to attach importance to harmony, keep the sexual harmony. VI quit alcohol limit: we all know, smoking is detrimental to human health and no benefit, and tobacco, many harmful substances, only now have identified 40 kinds of carcinogens. Long-term hazards of smoking, mainly cause disease and death, including a variety of cancers such as lung cancer induced, larynx, oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, pancreas, bladder cancer, the onset of heart disease and stroke, prompting chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases occurred. May 2006, the Ministry of Health released the "China 2006" Smoking and Health "report." Report should alert the community highly concerned about the dangers of tobacco that tobacco is a killer of our people's health first. Now about 400 people die each year from the disease caused by tobacco products in the next 20 years, the global disease caused by smoking deaths will increase by 3 times. By 2020, the number of people killed by tobacco will be more than any other disease in the world, die from smoking related diseases will be more than AIDS, tuberculosis, childbirth, car accidents, suicide, homicide deaths caused by combined. When young people start smoking from, to continue, there will be 50% chance of dying from tobacco-related diseases. Half of them will die of middle-aged to reduce the broom? 2 years of normal life expectancy. Great harm of smoking on human health, but once after quitting smoking can make a variety of diseases such as chronic bronchitis, ulcer disease, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other improved or cured, so that the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and mortality, reduce the chance of lung cancer. According to physician studies have shown that smokers get lung cancer after 10-15 years the opportunity to quit smoking can be reduced to the same with non-smokers, coronary heart disease mortality in significantly decreased 1 year after quitting smoking after 10 years can be reduced to the same level of non-smokers. Because most of the health hazards of smoking is reversible after quitting smoking the body due to damage caused by smoking can be lifted after a period of time. Since the great harm of smoking, and smoking cessation can prevent these diseases later, so for their own and others health, reduce environmental pollution, people are still heavy smokers advised to quit smoking as soon as possible. Alcohol on the human body is no doubt, but moderate drinking has health benefits is affirmed. Research shows that foreign scholars: moderate consumption of alcohol can reduce coronary heart disease aged death. Alcohol can poison the liver, liver damage, degeneration of the liver cell damage, eventually leading to cirrhosis, medicine called "alcoholic liver." Short-term heavy drinking can lead to alcoholism, there are reports of foreign medical, excessive drinking can lead to stomach cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, malignant melanoma. Another point should attach great importance to that of alcohol on sperm, eggs are also poisonous and can cause infertility, miscarriage or affect fetal growth and development, and even affect the intellectual development of the fetus after birth. Shorten life. Some data indicate that stroke and death due to alcohol drinkers was not 3 times. Long-term alcohol consumption and more people, but also a chronic alcoholic heart disease, there may be serious arrhythmia, heart failure, and even sudden death. Alcohol damage to health, moderate drinking is good for health, to make the drink is healthy, the key is moderation. July, regular exercise: "Life is movement", "an action is a strong", the motto of life suggests a very important rule - action is not bad. Labor, sports and life are closely related. One who wants good health and longevity, we must always exercise, activity and exercise, exercise to keep fit this view is correct. But people need to know when to participate in physical exercise are two important points, namely, persistence and movement amount. Moderate intensity, regular aerobic exercise can enhance immune function; and excessive exercise, it will weaken the immune function, destroy the body's defense system, resulting in decreased body resistance, viruses and bacteria can take advantage of that illness . Movement as a fitness method, we must pay attention to science, according to their different physical conditions, age, sex, occupation, without chronic disease, hobbies, habits, economic conditions, family or community health facilities, etc., to Select sport, develop their own exercise program for you to receive good health effects, to health and longevity goals. VIII, mental balance: people's health in addition to physical health should also include mental health and social interaction aspects of health, both the lack of which is not complete. People are social beings, people learn, work and life could not touch with other people and things exist in isolation. Therefore, in the person's life will never be without any difficulties and do not encounter contradictions, conflicts, do not suffer setbacks; that people living in the world will encounter a variety of psychological and social factors, if these psychological and social factors can not be correctly handled, will produce anxiety, depression, fear, stress and other emotional problems, and even cause or worsen disease. Modern medicine has proved that many diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, ulcers are caused by psychological factors. Good state of mind is the backbone of health. So the United Nations World Health Organization a slogan: mental health half health. Mental state of physical health have a major impact, good state of mind conducive to the protection and stability of the central nervous system, endocrine system and immune system function, which is conducive to maintaining good health, and promote rehabilitation of the disease and prevent illness disease progress of deterioration and to reduce the incidence of the disease. And would cause adverse psychological state of the central nervous system functions of various organs in vivo regulation disorders, endocrine system disorders, so that the normal function of organs occurring disorders, the body's immune system decline. This will not only weaken the ability of the body against common diseases, or even weaken the monitoring and the ability to remove their cell mutation, which led to a variety of diseases. To mental health should be: kind, tolerant, optimistic, indifferent. Goodness is the psychological health of the nutrients. Feel good, you will delight in the joy of others, willing to helping the poor, will be with people, willing to live in friendship and a sense of mind to often easy, it will always maintain a poised state of mind, this psychological state of the blood can flow and the excitement of nerve cells transferred to the best state, thereby increasing the body's resistance to disease. Tolerance is a good psychological quality. It not only includes understanding and forgiveness, but also demonstrate the tolerance and breadth of mind. A not tolerant of others who only know how demanding, often in the psychological tension, leading to nerve excitability, vasoconstriction, blood pressure, the mental, physical access to a vicious circle. Discipline will learn to be tolerant and lenient towards others, will be able to mental health. Optimism is a positive character and state of mind. It can stimulate people's vitality and potential for conflict resolution, exceed the difficulties. The decadent pessimism is a negative character and mood, it brings sadness, worry, pain, unable to do anything in the face of difficulties, affecting physical and mental health. Indifferent is a sublime and mind, with the indifferent attitude, they will not go along with the secular, chasing fame and fortune; worldly possessions will not be the rejoicing, loss and compassion; things others would not grumble, the comparisons jealousy. Indifferent to the mentality of people has always been at peace with the state, to maintain a sense of balance, all detrimental to physical and mental health factors, will be repulsed. Eight mentioned above is the result of a healthy lifestyle of millions of people's long-term practice of verification, is the result of a large number of scientific research proven effective, is suitable for China's science, but also through the efforts that everyone can do. If people can adhere to this new healthy lifestyle, you can make to reduce our 55% hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease by 75%, 50% reduction in diabetes, cancer can be reduced by one third, the average life may be extended more than a decade, it will be great achievements have been spectacular, for generations to create a scientific model of health, for the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation has laid a solid foundation of health. The eight rules of life is not complicated, has provided us with good health and longevity of the road, preventing chronic diseases Shield, wealthy and powerful people of the treasure. We strongly urge all to understand this way of life, the importance of such a major lifestyle on health and far-reaching significance, the full implementation of this new era of healthy lifestyles, healthy and happy to be up to 100 years old, healthy and to control in their own hands, the best doctor is yourself, let us begin. Start from their own actions.


AIDS patients can be long to live either in the end it?

    A healthy person infected with HIV to death from the general need more time, this is a topic of concern many people. According to the literature, AIDS patient from infection to death, generally 2 to 20 years, whereas the number of incoming virus in vivo, individual differences in health, determine the patient's survival time.
Infected with HIV, usually in three stages. The first stage is the acute phase, also known as the "window period", the symptoms in 2 to 3 weeks time disappear naturally. Then the second stage, this period is called "silent period", the longest period, accounting for about 80% of the entire course of the disease, the patients in this period is called "HIV carriers." Apparently very healthy, and there is no difference between normal people, but the body's immune system to fight HIV is.

In the normal human body, there are per cubic millimeter of blood immune cells from 800 to 1,000, while the infection in vivo, per cubic millimeter of blood immune cells Zeyi annual rate of 50 to 70 decreased, when the immune cells in each cubic reduced to millimeter of blood, only 200 or so, the rate of decline will accelerate. HIV every day to destroy a large number of immune cells, and bone marrow were generated by accelerating new immune cells to be compensated, however, the new compensation rate of immune cells always keep up with the rate of loss of immune cells, which is the law of the development of AIDS.

When the body's immune cells infected with HIV have been unable to contend with when we entered the final stages of infection, known as "symptoms of" patients at this time known as the "AIDS patient", is prone to a variety of infectious disease, this period progress has been unable to control the disease, most people die within six months to a year and a half. Their specific circumstances, the patient's strong and weak physique has a direct relationship; physically fit persons slow progression, survival time is long, otherwise short.

In addition, the patient's psychological state is also an important factor in survival. When a person infected with HIV, there may be loss, fear, depression, anxiety, restlessness, anger, denial and other psychological, which are harmful and not helpful. Patients should be optimistic sentiment, entrepreneurial spirit, actively engaged in public welfare undertakings or collective activities, give full play to their own values to the highest point; infection should adopt a healthy lifestyle, avoid re-infection of HIV, avoid contact with other incentives may promote disease development such as smoking, drinking, etc.; conditioning diet, nutrition, do not you eat of illegal drugs, to avoid infecting other diseases, such as found unwell, seek medical advice promptly, enhance physical fitness, slow disease progression.

Furthermore, AIDS patients and the length of survival time has a close relationship with the routes of infection, for example:

1, if the input is blood-borne HIV infection of human blood, 100% chance of infection, patients in the incidence in the 4-5 years ,6-18 months of death. Have encountered one case of uterine fibroids has been surgery lost 900 ml blood of HIV infection. Six months after her disease, die within a year. Was infected with HIV due to medical devices (in a multi-syringe) and disseminators of 90% chance of infection, asymptomatic infection of the blood transfusion may be longer than that.

2, mother to child transmission of the mother with AIDS disease (including HIV carriers) can pass through the placenta, birth canal, breast-feeding and other fetus, the baby's chances, usually 50%, the disease AIDS infected children, most in 5 years incidence, survival to 10 years of age are extremely rare.

3, the sexual transmission of sexually transmitted in different ways. Has been reported, one for the AIDS patients or HIV carriers, the transmission during sexual intercourse, according to a one-time calculation of life, the man passed a man (gay), the infection probability is 1 / 10 ~ 1 / 1500; woman pass for men / 700 ~ 1 / 3000; man mass woman is 1 / 200 to 1 / 2000; woman passed a woman is 1 / 10000 or so. Chance of infection due to the different, HIV enters the body number of different, even if the infection occurred, and its survival is generally about 10 years.

Western reports: sexually transmitted AIDS patients, the survival period was 11 to 13 years. Reported in China: AIDS patients, 1 year mortality rate was 50%, 70% in year 2, 3 years, 85%, 5 years was 100%.


"Cancer Mom" Xuejiao Guo gone!

   "cancer mom" Xuejiao Guo and her son

After 80 who still remember the "cancer mom" Xuejiao Guo it? Her youth, her sunshine, her strong, her love ... ... how many people want to keep her, for her contributions to her confidence. However, she finally left us! She personally wrote to it, and stay on October 4, 2010; users have a message, express their grief Jiao snow, I wish her "all the best." User said: "She is the most beautiful angel in heaven", "Even though she is gone, but her spirit is still strong survive, to encourage the owners."

Now, Xuejiao Guo "fans" are still on the rise, users message updates per minute 2. As of now, she has "fans" of more than 14,000, an increase of nearly 2,000 a day, and is increasing all the time, a message over 3000.

"Cancer Mom" Last Days

Experiencing the pain of parting with his beloved wife, Mao Zhiyong had to lean even more thin, eyes bloodshot, eyes deep. These days, the tough man had been living in fatigue and stress.

"Xuejiao did not, last night was all right, quite a good person to be so bad, even if there is no one accountable." Xiaomao eyes full of tears, his wife's illness he has been very clear, but so fast left him, or some can not accept.

    "Mom how to ignore me"

Xue Jiao's son, only 32 months. He also is small, do not know how to wake her mother. 10 evening, every day, sleep, and slept soundly; until 11, woke up, the first sentence is: "mother?"

Every day do not know, my mother has never left him. At noon every day to see my mother lying in bed, how are ignored him, he cried.

Mao Zhiyong,Xue Jiao's husband, said: Jiao every day of his flesh and blood and snow, he would certainly take good care of yourself, safe in heaven, so the snow Jiao happy.

"Cancer mom" to a CCTV

At 11:31, CCTV News Channel once again reported "cancer mom" Xuejiao Guo, the entire press for 3 minutes.

Reported that when the snow Jiao Although there is no last words go, but she left a "different kind of last words" - micro-blog diary of her left us all her wealth.

Good-hearted people willing to donate her grave

Xue Jiao left, her mother, Ms. Qiu more haggard. She'll cry soul, while another funeral arrangements for her daughter. She said the biggest thing now is to "let baby rest in peace."

10 am, Ms. Qiu Shao Boan want to find a piece of information for the daughter church cemetery. At this time, a good-hearted people called, said: "May the snow Jiao free to provide a cemetery in Heaven Cemetery."

The good-hearted people surnamed Cao, who is also the Jiangdu. He said that after reading newspaper reports of the deeds of Xuejiao Guo, Xuejiao Guo great admiration, "like to do small things for her," and drove to shaobo then sent his family to go see the snow-Jiao.

Heaven Cemetery in the fairy town, the environment, but the hatred of President feel that "too far from home," she could not bear to put her "release so far." Cemetery regard that as long as the snow Jiao family members willing, they always help, "more than 10,000 and more than 20,000 graves, any snow Jiao family choice."

Xue Jiao increasing nearly 2,000 fans

Xue Jiao gone! The online users have expressed condolences. As of yesterday, 23 o'clock, the snow Jiao's "fans" to increase the 1839, a message over 3000, message update rate of 2 per minute.

Day, 13:36, Maozhi Yong updated snow Jiao micro-Bo: "Dear friends, I love Kuo Jiao strong quietly away. Thank you for her care, micro-Bo I will forever write for her to go on. will record my experiences with her through thick and thin, and our favorite day of the growth process. "

Just a few hours, this was forwarded microblogging 1000 times, receiving a message more than 1400 bar.

16:29, Mao Zhiyong again updated his Twitter: "I love the funeral will be held at 7:30 on October 13 in Yangzhou City Gaoyou Funeral Home. Thank you for your concern." It also attracted many users and message forwarding .

Mao Zhiyong told reporters this afternoon as the snow Jiao home at a small funeral.

Xuejiao Guo Memorial Hall located users

In order to commemorate the strong snow Jiao, friends, "mother of the mother worm fly," also made a special set of "Jiao Kuo Memorial Hall." Many users have been online memorial snow Jiao for her flowers, candles, incense ... ...

Friends said, snow is a micro-Bo Jiao legend and proud! She made "micro-blog application tools from a cold, turned into a living organism can be perceived."

  Xuejiao Guo Online Memorial Address: http://hunan.jibai.com/80106

Esophageal cancer Traditional Chinese Medicine prescription

Main clinical features of esophageal cancer: there are different degrees of swallowing discomfort, and gradually increased in the stem after eating like choking, pain and vomiting, hematemesis, melena. Weight loss, in addition also a hoarse voice, chest dull pain in the late disease, cachexia, ascites. Clinically more effective remedies commonly used in the main are as follows.Note: The following recipe from the network, it is recommended in patients taking by side, it should consult the regular Traditional Chinese MedicineOne100 grams of rhubarb swim bladder. The yellow swim bladder wash, drain, crisp deep fry with sesame oil, remove, pressed into powder, and other cold-bottling use. 5 grams each, 3 times a day, warm water.The side Qufeng blood circulation, detoxification cancer, commonly used in the esophagus, stomach sickness.TwoLu hive, Scorpio 20 grams, mountain arrowhead, white silkworm 25 grams, 15 grams of toad skin, alcohol 450 ml. The drug mashed, Jiujin device in the net, open 7 days later to take a time of fasting drink lO-15 ml, 3 times a day.The parties attending esophageal cancer.ThreeDiffusa 30 grams, 80 grams of dandelion, Scutellaria barbata 12 grams, 15 grams of tonkinensis, mountain arrowhead, Brucea javanica, Lu Feng room of 10 grams, 9 grams of Panax parameters, cantharidin to the head than 1 gram, Toad 0.5 grams. Shuijianbi day l agent.The side Qingrejiedu, stasis, eliminate cancer Sanjie for esophageal cancer within Ecchymosis junction.FourHabitat 20 grams, 30 grams of Dendrobium, Sheng qi 15 grams, blue 9 grams, 30 grams of Sapporo in August, gallbladder Southern Star, Tianzhu of 12 grams, 15 grams of flower stone, Agrimony 30 grams, 12 grams of carbon Achyranthes, Shi Yan, white flowers snake tongue grass, barbata, stone see through each 30 grams. 1 day, Shuijianbi.This side features Yin disease cured phlegm, phlegm and blood stasis type of deficiency for esophageal cancer.Five15 grams of silkworm, Scrophulariaceae, Prunella each 30 grams, 150 grams of red dates, 30 grams of Radix, Curcuma lO grams, 15 grams of honeysuckle, gecko 5, 10 grams of licorice. 1 day, Shuijianbi.The side righting detoxification, effective for esophageal cancer.SixSolanum nigrum, million drug tiger, white British, Hedyotis diffusa, Scutellaria barbata each 100 grams.1 day, Shuijianbi.The side Qingrejiedu for esophageal cancer.SevenAstragalus 30 grams, 15 grams of Radix Codonopsis, Atractylodes 9 grams, 30 grams of yam, white peony root 15 grams, 20 grams of Rehmannia, Angelica 11 grams, red peony 12 grams, 6 grams of impatient, Hedyotis diffusa 40 grams, 9 grams coke Sansen , 6 grams of raw licorice. 1 day, Shuijianbi.BNI righting the side, blood detoxification Quxie for esophageal cancer, tracheal blood deficiency, blood stasis toxin junction.EightBroken stone, triangular, verbena number. ,1 day, Shuijianbi.Blood detoxification function of the side Sanjie for esophageal cancer.Nine5 live gecko, white wine 500 ml. To Xi Hu Sheng wine, the gecko into, can be taken two days later. 10 ml each time (slowly sucking of), breakfast, half an hour before dinner service.Blood stasis and swelling of the side for the whole esophageal obstruction.TenShatter 15 grams of insects, centipedes 2, Hill arrowhead, Scutellaria barbata, Codonopsis of 20 grams, 10 grams of Pinellia. 1 day, Shuijianbi, 7 to 1 course of treatment.The side Yiqihuoxue, detoxification phlegm, dysphagia for esophageal disease.ElevenCitrus aurantium 30 grams, dry paint (fried) 6 grams Wulingzhi 18 grams, 15 grams of turmeric, alum, Agrimony, Huoxiao each 18 grams, 12 grams of brucine system. Total research to fine, water column for the pills, 5-6 grams per serving, 3 times a day, water delivery next.The crucial break party product, for esophageal cancer.TwelveCodonopsis 12 g, Radix, Radix, yam 15 grams, 31 grams raw ocher, Anemarrhena, pollen, Angelica, France Pinellia, medlar, Trichosanthes Ren, soil per 10 grams each.1 day, Shuijianbi.Qi and phlegm blood in this party for esophageal cancer.ThirteenBarbata, Hedyotis diffusa, Liu Siphonostegia 30 grams, gold Buddha grass lO g, 30 g Daizhe Dan (Xian Jian), Bupleurum, Cyperus rotundus, turmeric, fried Citrus aurantium, Radix, Radix, Yuan ginseng, Pinellia clear, Salvia the lO grams. L daily dose, Shuijianbi.The side Yiqihuoxue, Jieduhuayu for esophageal cancer patients.FourteenRadix, cat grass 30 grams, 6 grams of Calculus, 3 grams 硇 sand, Clematis 60 grams, 30 grams of the Southern Star system. Will be made on the drug extract powder, 5 points each time, day for 4 times.The side Qingrejiedu phlegm for esophageal cancer.FifteenAmmoniac 2.7 g sand, seaweed, kelp, 15 grams, 9 grams of Alpinia, ebony 3, Hedyotis diffusa 120 grams, 60 grams of Scutellaria barbata. 1 day, decoction 2 pm service.The lighter side detoxification Kennedy Sanjie for esophageal cancer.SixteenBorax 60 grams, Huoxiao 30 grams, 6 grams 硇 sand, 15 grams of mineral stones, incense, borneol 9 grams each.Joint research to fine, made into powder, oral, 1 g each, containing of slowly swallowing after every half an hour to 1 hour and 1, to be sticky foam Tujin can eat 3 hours can be changed to 1, and even served 2 days withdrawal.The side detoxification phlegm Sanjie for esophageal cancer.SeventeenCitrus, Pinellia clear, woody, each with 12 grams, 30 grams of Salvia, Magnolia 12 grams, Tri, Ezhu each of the 13 grams, 30 grams of fleas off, Citrus aurantium 12 grams, 5 grams of Wu cornelian cherry, rhubarb 12 grams, rhubarb , Angelica 7 grams each, Amomum 6 grams, 5 grams of licorice. 1 day, Shuijianbi.The function of qi and phlegm blood side Sanjie for esophageal cancer.EighthOctagonal lotus 10 grams, 130 grams only in August, impatient, 15 grams of Scutellaria barbata, Salvia 12 g, 10 grams of green wood, raw Hawthorn 12 grams. 1 day, Shuijianbi.This side of the prescription for the treatment of esophageal cancer, functions Qi and activating blood phlegm.NineteenthBreit, Codonopsis of 12 grams, 3 grams of cloves, ocher 24 grams, the Soviet Union stems, Inula flower, Zhuru each 15 grams, 30 grams of black nightshade, white British, Duchesnea indica, Scutellaria barbata, 15 grams of thorns King . 1 day, 2 times decoction service.Esophageal cancer in the prescription side, feature gas phlegm reduction, detoxification Sanjie.Twenty12 grams Codonopsis, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Poria, 15 grams of dried tangerine peel, Pinellia of 9 grams, Amomum 10 grams, 6 grams of licorice, ginger, 3, jujube 5. L daily dose, Shuijianbi.Warming of the side functional spleen, Yiqihuiyang for micro-esophageal Qi Yang.The twenty-firstAngelica, 15 grams of Hangzhou Shao, Bupleurum, coke, 10 grams Atractylodes, Poria 15 grams, 12 grams turmeric, Grass Creek car 10 grams, 30 grams of Prunella, Mustard Seed, silkworm, 10 grams, 3 grams of whole insect , Inula flower lO grams, 30 grams Daizhe Dan. 1 day, Shuijianbi.The function of liver and gas side, Endometriosis, for esophageal cancer.Twenty-twoBorax 80 grams, 硇 sand, Panax each 20 grams, 30 grams borneol, 6 grams of brucine system, Agrimony 30 grams. Total research powder, 4 times a day, each 10 grams, 10 days for a course of treatment, later changed to 2 times a day, each 10 grams, to consolidate the curative effect.Function of the blood opened the diaphragm side, detoxification Sanjie, effective in esophageal cancer.Twenty-threeAngelica 20 grams, saffron, peach kernel, Shan Jia, 10 grams of alcohol Army, Codonopsis 30 grams, 15 grams of aspartame, 30 grams of raw ocher, Curcuma, Pinellia each 15 grams, 30 grams of winter-inch, 15 grams Zhimu , Shishuang 10 grams, 30 grams of Scutellaria barbata, 10 grams of dried toad skin.
1 day, Shuijianbi.
This side features blood circulation, complement care detoxification, effective for esophageal cancer.RoundHabitat, red peony, Dan, 15 grams, 30 grams Frame Qi Zi, cornus loGrams, pigs Poria, Digupi, Dendrobium, 15 grams, 20 grams of pollen, 30 grams of Hedyotis diffusa, Scutellaria barbata 30 grams, 10 grams of dried toad skin, per reference, Anemarrhena 15 grams each.L daily dose, Shuijianbi.This side prescription for the treatment of esophageal carcinoma, feature Ziyinqingre, righting detoxification for esophageal thermal Poison negative type.Twenty-fiveHealth and Sunburn, 30 grams astragalus, ginseng (or Codonopsis), licorice, rhubarb wine, 10 grams, 15 grams of Angelica, Citrus aurantium, the betel nut lO g, 30 g Scutellaria barbata, dalbergia 10 grams, 1.5 硇 sand grams, 15 grams of Pinellia, Mustard Seed, 10 grams of dried toad skin. Shuijianbi day one.This side features spleen Qi, Phlegm detoxification for phlegm type of esophageal cancer spleen.Twenty-sixZe paint 100 grams, 50 grams of gecko, (in summer with a live gecko 10 with tin block 50 grams) 50 grams of toad skin, rice wine 1000 ml. The drug soaked in rice wine, sealed, stirring 2 times a day, soak 5-7, after 2 oral filtering standing, each 20-50 ml, 3 times a day, to eat and then every time transfer service gecko powder 2 grams, 1 gram of toad skin powder.Blood detoxification function of the side for esophageal cancer.Twenty-sevenCodonopsis, littoralis, Atractylodes, clove, woody wide, white cardamom, malt, blue, orange peel, incense, Magnolia, Agastache rugosa, Jiang Ban Xia, peach, earth mother of pearl, Salvia, impatient, safflower, angelica, hive Shu Yang Quan, 50 grams. 1 day, Shuijianbi.This side features qi and phlegm, blood stasis. Of esophageal cancer is curative.Twenty-eightRattus ear grass, stone shell wear, barbata, Clematis, Bidens, orange leaves 15 grams each. 1 day, Shuijianbi, Japan 3 times.This side features Qingrejiedu, Endometriosis.Twenty-nineTrichosanthes, Zhejiang Pui, Ching Breit, orange 30 grams each, barbata, fleas off, each 20 grams Atractylodes, Health Coix meters, Lu hive, Amomum, rhubarb wine, 10 grams, 6 grams of berberine, gallbladder Southern Star, Inula Flower (including fried) 15 grams each. 1 day, Shuijianbi.The Chinese side to side the treatment of esophageal phlegm condensation type, function phlegm dampness, Chest Kai diaphragm.