Sophie Marceau 4 major weight-loss secrets unveiled

Sophie Marceau has been selected as "the eyes of the French men's sex goddess." Sophie Marceau is like a myth, because of its age or whether it is birth, can not wear her angel face and devil body. Let us take a look at Sophie Marceau's weight-loss tips, right ... ... Sophie Marceau thin one count: Eat less omnivorous, adhere to exercise "I eat anything, just eat much." This is the only principle of eating Sophie Marceau. Like all French people, she loves wine and chocolate, but she was well able to control intake. In addition, Sophie Marceau exercise habit from childhood, so never worry about the weight. Sophie Marceau total weight of the two: a healthy lifestyle "I think a healthy lifestyle is important, and should have the space to relax, especially in terms of diet, should not be too modest. In Paris, like every skinny person is a bit neurotic. I have always felt that if they can eat a little more happier than now, is not it? " Sophie Marceau total weight of the three: skin care using the most simple way Sophie Marceau never make in their daily lives, but because often the interview, she would carry a small bag, the bag only a few simple cosmetics. Sophie Marceau is almost never used lipstick, she said: "I feel my lips do not need the extra color." Sophie Marceau daily skin care program is simple: she first wash with soap and water, and then coated with a little texture gentle moisturizer or olive oil to keep skin moist. Sophie Marceau thin total of four: French kiss If you've seen the film starring Sophie Marceau, you will find she is a "French kiss" master. You know? "French kiss" in addition to allowing you to his distraught Shenmi, it also has the following magic:
"French kiss" to prevent dental plaque and caries. Scientists found that people kissing a lot of mouth secrete saliva, and saliva contains large amounts of calcium and phosphorus, can protect teeth from termite bite, but also reduces the risk of gum disease gingivitis. "French kiss" can help you lose weight. Scientists have discovered that as long as the kiss 3 times a day, each time less than 20 seconds, you can quickly lose a full one pound of fat.
"French kiss" can also help you beauty. A "French kiss" allows you to fully exercise the facial muscles, and then let your blood circulation, make your facial skin becomes more smooth.