Long-term abstinence, harm to human part 1

For a long time, people not only lack of understanding of sexual abstinence, even in something traditional culture of sexual restraint as a magic weapon for self-cultivation. For example, in the Chinese traditional values, tend to believe that sex can be loss of semen, Killing debilitating and harmful to health, asking people to ascetic restraint in sexual matters, in order to prolong life. Point of view of modern medicine, this will be a basic human instinct, the important physiological functions and human health against each other's views, nature is not worth refuting.
In Europe there is a perception that all the genius of discovery and achievement are derived from the sublimation of sexual energy. In other words, sexual restraint can stimulate people's creativity, talent and Albert created. In Russia, some say the reason to give people the impression such as Gogol novel "Dead Souls", "Diary of a Madman" and the satirical comedy "imperial envoys" This immortal giant with literature and art, because he never married, has been living a miserable life of celibacy. And today's sexologists do not agree with this view that the reason why there are so many human inventions, scientific discoveries and literary giant was, in fact, is precisely because of love, because of providing people with a boundless spirit of power, The long-term control for both the men and women's health are very harmful.
So, how long will the people of the physical restraint which caused injuries?
Abstinence, physical and psychological harm to women should not be underestimated
For women, long-term control can cause pelvic blood stasis, more likely to develop attachment inflammation, ovarian gynecological inflammation go far. Women in the early abstinence may increase their sexual desire, and in their sexual abstinence after a few months completely disappeared, and the resumption of sexual life in the slow process of sexual arousal. Sexual intercourse, vaginal discharge due to a decrease in pain, but can cause Xinggaochaozhangai, it was subject to several months to recover their orgasm response ever. It is worth mentioning that the long-term abstinence can also lead to women's psychological and behavioral changes. Data that the lack of sex life, women often lose themselves in their often unrealistic because some frustrated. Women not only abstinence can occur sleep disorders, headaches and stomach cramps embolism, but also the emergence of various neurological disorders, some women living in the two-month vegetative nervous after they occur. Abstinence is often the woman wept in secret, sometimes for chores on the Dadongganhuo colleagues and neighbors could not understand. Even more interesting is that they sometimes paranoid thinking, if they live in western countries coincided with the presidential election, is likely to vote for the most radical parties and leaders.
There are some research data about the long-term abstinence, long-term effects on health, such as women without sexual life long rough skin, face minimalist, more aging. Single men aged 12 to shorten the average life expectancy, while women can reduce the age of 5. These women not only more susceptible to pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological diseases, and the incidence of breast cancer than women with regular live more than twice as high. Therefore, we must not underestimate the sexual abstinence physical and psychological damage caused to the woman.